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indigenous culture

Scottish Clearances - the removal of an Indigenous people

In Australia over recent decades we have become increasingly aware of the dispossession of the Indigenous Australians. Perhaps what we are less aware of is that many of the immigrants that came to Australia and Canada, were themselves dispossessed Indigenous people. In particular I am referring to the Scots, especially the Highland Scots, who were cleared from their land to make way for Cheviot sheep.

Sheep on ruins of former villages.

Down's Estate at Seaford Wetlands - Public Meeting Thursday, June 26

7:00pm Thur, 26 June 2014, Public Meeting: Seaford Community Centre Meeting Room. The Down's Estate is the former farm owned by Harry Down a famous whip and saddlemaker who had a store on Nepean Highway in Frankston. It is located on Wells Rd Seaford, opposite the motorcycle club track. Representatives from the different groups will be talking at this meeting about the proposals for the area around the house site of the former Down's Farm (approximately 3 hectares of the 20 hectare site). See inside for details.
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