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Ronan Lee: water quality monitoring programs must be restored to save Great Barrier Reef

At a summit to save the Great Barrier Reef on 24 October, Premier Anna Bligh asked the public how to improve the sediment-laden water that threatens to choke the Reef. She still plans to triple Queensland's record export rate of climate-changing coal by 2030, and ignores Greens MP Ronan Lee's advice to restore water monitoring programs axed by her Government in 1999.

See also: "Queensland Government cracks down on farmers near Barrier Reef" on the ABC of 27 Oct 08, "Qld may regulate farms to save Reef" in SMH of 24 Oct 08, "Great Barrier Reef summit today" in The Australian of 24 Oct 08.

Gillard threatens TAFE system privatisation

NSW Greens Legislative Councillor Dr John Kaye, who helped lead the successful campaign against the planned privatisation of that state's electricty assets earlier this year, calls upon NSW Premier Rees to resist the plans by Federal Education Minister Julia Gillard, recently endorsed by COAG, to privatise its TAFE colleges.

See also: "Govts planning TAFE privatisation: NSW Greens" on the ABC on 29 Oct 08, "TAFE Bulletin - Brumby's reforms will privatise our TAFEs" on Web site of Vic branch of Australian Education Union on 12 Aug 08, Australian Education Union Stop TAFE Privatisation Campaign.

Unreliable ratings agencies hold Roozendaal hostage

Why is NSW Treasurer Eric Roozendaal threatening a slash-and-burn budget entailing the risk of a recession in order satisfy Credit Ratings agencies implicated in the subprime mortgage crisis in the US?

See also "Treasurer talks tax rises, job cuts" in SMH of 13 Oct 08, "Tax hike risk if NSW remains in the red" in the Australian of 12 Oct 08.

Canadian electors given Clayton's choice in regard to immigration

In Australia both major political parties support record high immigration. This ensures that it is rarely questioned in Parliament or in the news. In Canada, the situation is even worse1. Dan Murray reports that Canadians face a 'choice' at the Federal elections scheduled for 31 October of four out of five major parties which see nothing wrong with Canada's record high and growing immigration rate and none which are campaigning to reduce it.

Originally published on Immigration Watch Canada ( on 14 Sep 08.
See also: "Truth and immigration" by James Bissett former Head of Canadian Immigration Service in the Ottowa Citizen of 18 Sep 08.

Australian Greens leader questions population growth

On 16 September Greens Senator Bob Brown asked of Senator Chris Evans, who as Immigration Minister on 16 May, increased further Australia's already record high immigration numbers at the behest of business leaders: Did his Government have a population policy? Senator Evans admitted that his Government did not.

Elizabeth May caught in a logical trap of her own making

Canadian Greens leader, Elizabeth May has for years advocated packing ever more people closer together away from Canada's natural bounty. However, recently she made an about face and argued instead that immigrants should be spread out into rural areas.

Canadian Green candidate raises question of immigration

Brian Gordon, endorsed candidate for the Green Party of Canada has argued that Canada must conduct a 'sustainability audit' to determine how many people Canada can realistically support if it produces all of is own necessities, ceases the destruction of old-growth forests and excludes the usustainable mining of tar sands and coal.

Original article Immigration: How Much is Enough for Canada? published on 6 March 2008. The standard of much of the discussion that ensued was very high.
See also: Is there intelligent life on Planet Green? of 9 Sep 08, Is it reactionary to oppose immigration? of 19 Dec 07 on; Will "the great immigration debate" take place? of 21 May 08 on; Have the Greens lost the plot on immigration? of 11 Jul 08 on Online Opinion.

Economic report on Channel Deepening too shallow to fathom

Greens MLC Greg Barber and committee member said; "The Committee's report confirms that the number of big ships that might need a deeper channel is quite small."

Iemma leaves NSW local government electors in dark about political funding sources

As a result of reporting rules NSW voters voting at local government elections on 14 September won't know until February next year which corporate donors are bankrolling which candidates.

NSW Greens defend O'Farrell

NSW Greens leader John Kaye defends Opposition leader Barry O'Farrell. O'Farrell and the NSW Opposition are now under concerted attack by the corporate sector and their newsmedia for having blocked Treasurer Costa's privatisation legislation in accord with the wishes of over 80% of the NSW public last Thursday.

See also: Iemma dodges his own $42 billion debt bomb (SMH, 1 Sep) by Barry O'Farrell, Mike Baird should make his move now - Online Opinion forum discussion about pro-privatisation state Liberal MP Mike Baird, now the darling of the corporate newsmedia.

Greens endorse strike against electricity retail sell-off

The United Services Union has called its members working in call centres of Energy Australia, Integral Energy and Country Energy off the job in protest against Premier Morris Iemma's 'plan B sell-off' announced late on Thursday.

See also: Iemma unethical, says ALP backbencher, Torbay urged to fire up in power debate

After cowardly backdown Costa, Iemma threaten back-door privatisation

After an expensive recall of Parliament to debate privatisation bills which NSW Treasurer Costa claimed to be "the most important pieces of economic reform contemplated in this State in a generation," debate was cut short after less than 3 hours. The perseverative Costa came back however with lesser plans to privatise the retail arm of NSW's electricity assets without scrutiny by the NSW Parliament.

Contents: Power retail sell-off plan punishes households and environment, Costa, Iemma must resign over back-door sale move, Costa's cowardly retreat from stunt gone wrong, speech by Dr John Kaye, speech by Sylvia Hale.

See also: NSW electricity privatisation can be stopped!

Coorong tragedy was avoidable: Greens Senator Siewert

W.A. Greens Senator Siewert: "The Coorong and these other critically threatened wetlands could have been Montreaux listed, and the Commonwealth's powers under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act evoked to ensure environmental water was delivered,"

Snowy Hydro CEO uses shareholder funds to push privatisation in defiance of shareholder wishes

In spite of the fact that only on 11 July Mike Kelly Federal Labor Member for Eden-Monaro seemingly quashed speculation that the Government was preparing to privatise the Snowy Hydro scheme, two pages of the Snowy corporation's July newsletter was devoted to pushing the case for privatisation.

Iemma hangs on to power sell-off fantasy

In spite of overwhelming opposition to the privatisation NSW Premier Morris Iemma engages in disruptive and and costly political stunt to 'position' NSW power assets for sell-off.

See also: ABC gives free kick to Iemma, NSW electricity privatisation of 21 Jul 08.

Green Paper dumps Garnaut to deliver for Costa on compo

In a last ditch attempt to rescue NSW Treasurer Michael Costa's electricity privatisation push, the Rudd government has ignored Professor Ross Garnaut's opposition to compensating power stations for the costs of emissions trading, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.

"Costs order against Blue Wedges a bad sign for democracy" - Greens MP Sue Pennicuik

Sue Pennicuik: "The community is not the enemy and the government would do better listening to what people have to say rather than silencing critics."

Garnaut to provide cover for privatisation of Snowy Hydro?

Professor Ross Garnaut claimed in his Climate Change Review Draft Report that public ownership of the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Authority could restrict future development and competitiveness in the national electricity market. This appears to have been seized upon by Kevin Rudd as an excuse to privatise the Snowy Hydro in spite of the fact he promised before the 2007 elections to keep it in public hands.

WA Government bullies coastal communities

WA Premier, Alan Carpenter In an effort to silence residents with difficult questions, Western Australia's Cockburn Council routinely limits question time and threatens residents who defy these limits with AU$1,000 fines. The Mayor, Stephen Lee, is now on extended leave after the Crime Commission had found him guilty of misconduct for having accepted an undeclared election campaign donation of AU$43,000 from the Singapore-controlled developer Australand, which wanted to build the controversial Port Coogee Marina.

See also: Postscript: Cockburn Councillors threaten to use ratepayer funds to sue residents, Appendix: Cockburn Community advertisement of 18 Nov 08

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The Western Australian State Government has threatened to withhold funding for the restoration of jetties at both Bunbury and Busselton unless approval for waterfront developments opposed by the respective communities of Bunbury and Busselton is given.

For more information: contact Paul Llewellyn on 08 9848 1555 or 0428 317 182

Dead fish in Yarra should mean a stop to toxic dredging

“The dredging of toxic sediments from the Yarra River should stop until an investigation is carried out into the discovery of dead fish floating in the water at Newport on Saturday”, Victorian state Greens MP, Sue Pennicuik said.

See also

Desperate Costa launches counter-offensive against Garnaut

NSW Treasurer Michael Costa's misleading attack on climate change reviewer Professor Ross Garnaut's emissions trading proposal is a last-ditch attempt to rescue the Iemma government's electricity privatisation push, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.

John Kaye calls on Iemma to dump sell-off as NSW public repudiate privatisation

The Taverner Research poll released today showed that a massive 79% of the poll sample rejected Electricity privatisation. This confirms that NSW voters have not been fooled by the Iemma government's power sell-off rhetoric, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.

See also: SMH articles: Jittery Labor MPs get ready to dump Iemma of 29 Jun 08, Poll piles pressure on Iemma of 29 Jun 08, Poll adds to string of bad news for Iemma of 30 June 08.

How green is "smart growth", really?

The Growth Management Industry, consisting of planning departments and pink and green growthists who belief that growth can be rendered ecologically benign by being channelled or fenced behind boundaries speak of "smart" growth the way the Pentagon speaks of "smart" bombs. Surgically targetted away from collateral damage like greenbelts and parks. But Brishen Hoff in this letter to a Green Party member, proves that no matter where they are distributed, people impact the environment. Numbers matter.

Greens call for immediate action on whaling

On 17 June, the Senate carried a motion calling upon the Australian Government to immediately commence preparations for legal action to stop the slaughter of whales

See also: Sea Shepherd prepares to mount a major offensive against whaling of 12 Jun 08
A global map of human impact to the marine ecosystems of 15 Feb 08

What you can do: Donate to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Nearly all funds go to saving whales and other endangered marine species and little is spent on bureaucracy. Last whaling season the Sea Shepherd operated Steve Irwin prevented Japanese whalers from achieving 50% of their planned quota.

Paul Watson puts case against high immigration

A broadcast debate on the Canadian Broadcasting Commission between, on the one hand, Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and, on the other hand, Elizabeth May, now leader of Canada's Green Party showed two poles of North American environmentalism, one authentic and one counterfeit.

See also: Sea Shepherd appeals for Greenpeace's cooperation in fight against whale slaughter
Were "Intact Aboriginal Cultures" really good custodians? of 19 Jun 08.

Christine Milne : Five things Mr Rudd can do today to reduce oil price impact

Australian Greens climate change spokesperson, Senator Christine Milne, today rejected Prime Minister Rudd's extraordinary claim to have done all he can on fuel prices, highlighting five decisions his Government has made that have a negative impact and should be reversed.

Greens media release of 23 May 08. Our comments: Why no mention of population?

Costa's budget puts paid to privatisation assumptions

If NSW Treasurer Michael Costa can borrow in order to build transport, health and educational infrastructure, why can't he borrow in order to build electricity generation?

NSW Greens media release, 3 June 08


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