downed Russian plane

How far can Erdogan push Putin, and who will help him?

I wrote this article for Russia Insider, whose audience is more familiar with the true situation in Syria, and disbelieving of the western propaganda which is enabling the illegitimate and dangerous attack on Syria. In Russian a 'provocation' is what we would call a false flag, and in this case applies to Turkey's shooting down of the Russian bomber. While this has been portrayed in the West as 'Turkey's right to defend its borders', the bomber was never over Turkish territory, as testified to by the co-pilot after he was rescued from the murderous 'rebels' who shot the other one as he parachuted to the ground. The Turkish government carried out this act of war against Russia in a desperate attempt to slow down Russia's bombing campaign against all the rebel groups Turkey has been supporting in Syria, including Islamic State. Whether Turkey had the assistance or aquiescence of NATO in this operation is a matter of speculation, but we can see from President Putin's statements and actions just how serious a provocation this was. That this has been followed by the vote in Britain and Germany to send military forces to 'fight ISIS' in Syria is a grave escalation of the conflict, as this is directly contrary to the actions Russia and Syria and Iran have been taking. But our media are struck dumb. Is it possible they don't know what is happening? My article below: Yet again Turkey has set up a 'provocation', in pursuit of the regime's geostrategic goals.