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Stop wasteful manufacture

If 'planet cost' was embedded in consumerism...?

If full environmental costs were embedded into consumer product pricing, then the price of high environmental cost consumer products would rise, making them less affordable and so consumption would fall and so reduce the impact on the planet.

Conspicuous consumption and decadence deserves taxing, because its real costs are destructive on the planet and need to be curbed for the planet's health and ours.

When not to use elephants

How we can reduce our wasteful over-consumption of natural resources whilst retaining or even improving our quality of life?

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Time, money and patience wasted by incompatible computers, printers and software

Does globalised big-business infotechnology AIM to waste the time of intellectuals so that they cannot contribute to politics? I don't know, but it sure is a side effect of the increasingly lousy personal energy returns on increasingly expensive overly complex STINGY computer hardware and software products.

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