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Neo-nazis protesting against
the elected President
Yanukovych in February.
As with all the recent major geo-political conflicts, the Western corporate and government newsmedia is concealing the truth about Ukraine, including the Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea. The protest movement which preceded the coup against the elected government included anti-semitic and russophobic neo-nazis. Given the destruction and mass murder the United States and its allies have inflicted on Iraq, Libya and , in recent years, the Russian Government of President Vladimir Putin has good reason to fear a country on its borders falling into the hands of such right-wing extremists openly in league with the United States and Europe against Russia.




">'Poroshenko lost lands this winter, he needs this ceasefire for change of strategy'

on YouTube, 12 Feb 2015.


">Adventures of militia commander Motorola in Donbass

on YouTube, 19 Nov 2014.

The above has been copied from the page. It is a short interactive video which has different outcomes depending upon which choices the viewer makes. Whilst the subject matter behind this video is grim – the war inflicted upon the Russian speakers of East Ukraine by the Kiev regime – and may become even more so should Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk of the achieve his wishes of having the NATO powers intervene to support an all-out invasion of Novorossiya, the video retains wit and good humour.

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