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Neo-nazis protesting against
the elected President
Yanukovych in February.
As with all the recent major geo-political conflicts, the Western corporate and government newsmedia is concealing the truth about Ukraine, including the Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea. The protest movement which preceded the coup against the elected government included anti-semitic and russophobic neo-nazis. Given the destruction and mass murder the United States and its allies have inflicted on Iraq, Libya and , in recent years, the Russian Government of President Vladimir Putin has good reason to fear a country on its borders falling into the hands of such right-wing extremists openly in league with the United States and Europe against Russia.




">'Poroshenko lost lands this winter, he needs this ceasefire for change of strategy'

on YouTube, 12 Feb 2015.


">Adventures of militia commander Motorola in Donbass

on YouTube, 19 Nov 2014.

The above has been copied from the page. It is a short interactive video which has different outcomes depending upon which choices the viewer makes. Whilst the subject matter behind this video is grim – the war inflicted upon the Russian speakers of East Ukraine by the Kiev regime – and may become even more so should Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk of the achieve his wishes of having the NATO powers intervene to support an all-out invasion of Novorossiya, the video retains wit and good humour.

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The basis of the article is just wrong, or very heavily biased.

This is the current leader.

This is his party.

They are not leaders of 'neo-nazis'. The fact that neo-nazis were in the street fighting against the previous government means nothing. Leftists groups were fighting for the same thing. When it comes to political struggles, its the extremists who will take to the streets. You basically have Ukranians who want to align with Europe and the EU (god knows why), and others who want to align with Russia (it is about 1/5th ethnic Russians). Russia is now upset because they might lose power over Ukraine.

Also, there is a long history between those two countries. I wouldn't blithely write off russophobic sentiment as just some irrational intolerance.

Now I can understand why Russian news sources might want to demonise the current government, but well, they have an agenda, don't they?

-117218">Dennis K,

Your view that the Ukrainian government is not neo-Nazi, but rather extremely right-wing and pro-imperialist, concurs with of Thierry Meyssan of Voltaire Net. I had only just now added the link to his article and plan to publish it in full. On most contentious issues in recent years. Thierry Meyssan has usually been amongst the first to have got it right.

Whilst Thierry Meyssan has got it right, other alternative sources which are usually right and which I have cited have also got it wrong on this occasion.

If you read the paragraphs following the sub-heading "The broader historical context" you will see that I have not "writ[ten] off russophobic sentiment as just some irrational intolerance.'"

I can't find much which paints the Ukranian Fatherland party as far right.

But here is a good link...

... at http://www.opendemocracy.net/can-europe-make-it/cas-mudde/new-order-ukraine-assessing-relevance-of-ukraine%E2%80%99s-far-right-in-eu-pers

My position is that the far right succeed due to the absense of political alternatives and being the only ones willing to fill a particular political vacuum.

Subject was: "Biased and Incorrect".

This article is biased and incorrect. The main picture used for this article is cropped and actually contains a third person which is wearing a hooded sweater that says "I am Russian" in Russian ...

Editorial comment: Perhaps you could show us where the original uncropped image is? I am not aware of any evidence of pro-Russians or Russian government agents working alongside Nazis, like those shown in the above picture, against the government of then President Viktor Yanukovych. If there were any so openly pro-Russian anti-government protesters, as you claim, then surely there would be abundant film and photographic evidence? - Ed

The German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel (Daily Mirror) launched an online survey on March 6th, asking its readers how the West should react with regard to Russia’s incursions into Ukraine. What follows were the different answers from which the readers could choose.

- Russia’s exclusion from the G8 summit should be considered
- The conflict can be only solved diplomatically, and the G8 summit is important in this respect
- Western censure is hypocritical, since Russia defends legitimate interests
- If the escalation continues, a military intervention by NATO forces should not be excluded

By four o’clock in the afternoon, 9420 readers had answered the survey, and what they had to say filled the presstitutes from the Tagesspiegel with sheer horror. Because only a puny four percent, and we know who those are, favoured a military intervention by NATO forces. Whereas a staggering seventy eight percent believed that Western hacks like Kerry or Merkel were mere hypocrites and that Russia defended indeed legitimate interests.

So what happened? At four o’clock and five minutes, the survey was abruptly taken off the net and never seen again. Which clearly indicates that the propaganda lies of our hostile elite and their once invincible media outlets are losing ground. And which, as you will agree, is a ray of hope in the murky Western skies, particularly since the once so totally indoctrinated and docile Germans are seemingly waking up.

Transl. Michael Colhaze
Freeman of All Noise and Smoke , posted Saturday, 8 March 2014

Latest Russian reports allow viewers to document what is happening: This is the side that the US/NATO/Australia is supporting. Note 'special troops' launched to deal with citizens' protests. Citizens were marching at a day of commemoration of 2nd World War when they heard that their self-defense people were under attack. The crowd rushed from the parade to their aid and Kiev militia shot to kill - unarmed citizens. The US foreign affairs woman mis-represented what was happening as Kiev putting down violence initiated by the townspeople of Mariupol, but it was tanks against little old people and unarmed citizens and someone had set fire to the building where the self-defence forces had occupied. Even an unarmed camera man for a news crew was shot in the stomach by Kiev snipers it seems.

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