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About Ukraine - updates prior to 12 Oct 2014

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Whilst material has been posted in recent months to the Ukraine section ( little has been added to this page since May 2014. From now on, we intend to update the section above, as far as we are able, with links to all the most important material about the Ukraine conflict, both anti-imperialist and (pro-fascist) mainstream , as well as our own commentary. We will endeavor, also, to republish appropriate articles on candobetter and write our own. - Ed, 9 Aug 2014

May 2014 Updates

The Ukraine in Turmoil (2/5/2014) – Guest column, by Israel Shamir, which is critical of Vladimir Putin, on Paul Craig Roberts' web-site; Putin Blinks in Ukraine Standoff with the US. The Role of Oligarchs? (17/5/2014) — an appraisal of the handling of the Ukraine provocation by Vladimir Putin and the BRICS nations, including China and Iran. This appraisal is more critical and more apprehensive than that given by other dissident news services,
US coup failed in Ukraine: Kiev junta's days are numbered (16/5/2014), Donetsk getting ready to defend itself as ultimatum to Kiev expires on May 16, How NATO Jabs Russia on Ukraine (15/5/2014), US Blackwater Mercenary Units Behind Kiev Regime’s Outburst in Ukraine (15/5/2014), UN Ukraine report shows double standards in attempt to whitewash Kiev's actions - Russia (15/5/2014), US says Eastern Ukraine vote illegal - Video (14/5/21014), How the Western Media Deciphers the Neo-Nazi Code (14/4/2014) by Professor Michel Chosudovsky, The US Failed Plan for Ukraine is to Incite Russia to Intervene. The Kiev Coup Government is Already a Dying Entity, White Book on Violations of Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Ukraine, The Kiev Putsch: Rebel Workers Take Power in the East, America's Neo-Nazi Government in Kiev. Towards a Scenario of Military Escalation?, US, Kiev Puppet Regime Escalate Ukraine Conflict After Russian Concessions, False Flag in Odessa: The Pathetic U.S. Media Coverage, Ukraine: US Ambassador to Moscow's 2008 Cable — "Nyet, Means Nyet: Russia's NATO Engagement's Red Line.", American Conquest by Subversion: Victoria Nuland Admits Washington Has Spent $5 Billion to "Subvert Ukraine", Ukraine Military Attacks Anti-Coup Civilians, US Silent, and In Ukraine, Adolph Hitler is Praised as a Liberator on Global Research
US involvement in Ukraine is like ‘Russia getting involved in Puerto Rico’, 10 killed, around 30 injured in Kramatorsk overnight fighting – self-defense leader, ?Radicals shooting at people in Odessa’s burning building caught on tape, Ukrainian army attacks eastern cities of Mariupol, Konstantinovka, West doing same to Ukraine as it did to Yugoslavia in 1990s — RT Op-Edge, Public activists to sue Kiev regime in European rights court, A day that will live in infamy: The day Odessa citizens were savagely killed, Ukraine can’t guarantee full transit of gas to Europe, warns Russian energy minister, US hypocrisy over Ukraine 'absolutely stunning', Moscow's roadmap for Ukraine settlement sees mixed response, Odessa tragedy survivor: 'Many people strangled after escaping the fire', Odessa tragedy 'fascism in action' - Lavrov, Nuland has tough time justifying US involvement in Ukraine — Video, 2 southeast Ukrainian regions to hold referendum May 11 as planned, 400 US mercenaries 'deployed on ground' in Ukraine military op, 'Right Sector's atrocities in Odessa to backfire on them', Lawmaker calls for CIS human rights court to try Ukrainian violators, ?Lessons of World War II forgotten: Will Germany be the peacemaker? and ?The New Cold War: Libya, Syria, and the Ukraine on Russia Today.

More updates

Selective support: US set to punish Russia for Ukraine elections, referendums results(7/5/2014), NATO eyes 'defensive' permanent troop deployment near Russia's borders (7/5/2014), and How the corporate media whitewashes Ukraine (6/5/2014) by Eric Draitser on Russia Today, $10,000 a Head: Radicals Put a Bounty on UK Journalist in Ukraine, The Kiev Putsch: Rebel Workers Take Power in the East (7/5/2014), Odessa Tragedy Planned by Authorities’ Representatives – Kiev Official 97/5/2014), US Defends Role of Kiev Regime and Fascists in Odessa Massacre (7/5/2014), Ukraine and the "Politics of Anti-Semitism": The West Upholds Neo-Nazi Repression of Ukraine’s Jewish Community (26/2/2014), America's Neo-Nazi Government in Kiev. Towards a Scenario of Military Escalation? (4/5/2014) and America's Neo-Nazi Government in Kiev. Towards a Scenario of Military Escalation? (4/5/2014) on Global Research, by Finian Cunningham, NATO continues eastward aggression: Analyst (7/5/2014), Western cover-up of Odessa massacre (7/5/2014) Sanctions meant to hurt Russia inflicting pain on West: David Cohen (7/5/2014), EU to expand legal basis for sanctions: Sources 97/5/2014) and Pro-Russians consider referendum postponement (video)(7/5/2014) on PressTV.

Earlier Updates

Ron Paul Responds to Ukrainian Assault Launched on Pro-Russian Forces (4/5/2014), Time for Putin to deliver blow to fascism in Europe: Finian Cunningham (4/5/2014) and US not seeking political solution to Ukraine crisis: Analyst (4/5/2014) from PressTV, Odessa police release 67 anti-govt activists after crowd surround police HQ, Radicals shooting at people in Odessa's burning building caught on tape, Avoiding facts? MSM uncertain who is behind deadly Odessa blaze, Dozens of FBI, CIA agents in Kiev 'assisting Ukraine security', Ukraine military engages self-defense in Slavyansk 316, A day that will live in infamy: The day Odessa citizens were savagely killed 70, Russia's warnings of inter-ethnic violence in Ukraine come to fruition, US, EU's support of Kiev's tactics blocks peaceful resolution of Ukraine crisis and Kiev launches new crackdown in Slavyansk — from Russia Today (4/5/14), Ukrainian army attacks eastern towns of Mariupol, Konstantinovka (with video) — from Russia Today (4/5/14), Odessa Slaughter: How A Vicious Neo-Nazi Mob Burnt Anti-government Activists Alive (4/5/2014) from Global Research and Russia Today.
Odessa Massacre Pushes Ukraine to the Edge. Towards a Larger Destructive Conflict? (3/5/14) from Global Research , Geopolitical Interplay: The Ukraine Debacle Could Have Been Avoided? (/5/14), Washington Intends Russia's Demise by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, (3/5/14), Brzezinski Calls for Sending Weapons to Regime in Ukraine (3/5/14), Twisting Putin's Words on Ukraine (3/5/14), Ukraine Reinstates Military Draft as NATO Threatens Russia (2/5/14) and Spies R Us: The "Kidnapping" of Fake OSCE "Humanitarian Monitors" in Ukraine. (2/5/14) from Global Research , Washington Intends Russia's Demise (3/5/14) by Paul Craig Roberts , Richard Stengel contradicts Victoria Nuland's remarks (2/5/14) by Thierry Meyssan, Odessa Massacre Pushes Ukraine to the Edge. Towards a Larger Destructive Conflict? (3/5/14) by Tony Cartalucci, Ukraine: Odessa on the edge of all-out street war by Russoia Today(2/5/14), Geopolitical Interplay: The Ukraine Debacle Could Have Been Avoided? (3/5/14) by Lionel Reynolds, 'Fascists! Off to Kiev!': Outraged Kramatorsk locals chase off Ukrainian military (with video, 3/5/14), Ukraine Crisis Accelerating the Restructuring of the World (30/4/2014), Polish Attorney General confirms investigation into training of Pravy Sector agents in Poland (29/4/14),NATO's Incremental Absorption of Ukraine (26/4/2014), Training of Pravy Sector squad probed by Poland's Attorney General (23/4/2014) and Ukraine: Poland trained putchists two months in advance (19/4/2014) on, Kiev did nothing to fulfill Geneva agreements – Russia's UN envoy (30/4/2014), Ukrainian army 'on full alert', President admits east is beyond control (30/4/2014), Fair Russia leader seeks to oust MP for opposing Crimea accession (30/4/2014), Mission uncertain: Canadian planes leave for Eastern Europe to assist NATO (30/4/2014) Sanctions: The sanctimonious solution, (30/4/2014), Putin: Washington behind Ukraine events all along, though flying low (29/4/2014), 3 Ukraine elite Alpha group agents captured in Donetsk region (27/4/2014), Airborne gunmen attack Ukrainian militia checkpoint near weapons depot (26/4/2014), Far-right rally turns into massive brawl on Kiev's Maidan, shots heard (PHOTOS) (29/4/2014), Neo-Nazis march in Lvov 'in honor' of Ukrainian Waffen SS division (PHOTOS) (28/4/2014), Football ultras attack anti-govt protesters in eastern Ukraine (VIDEO, PHOTOS) (27/4/2014) and Anti-govt protesters seize TV station in eastern Ukraine, call for own channel (27/4/2014) on Russia Today.
On Russia Today: Sort out who's boss in Kiev, Crimea takes care of itself – republic's parliament speaker (2 Mar), Thousands in Moscow, St Petersburg rally in support of Russian speakers in Ukraine, 675,000 Ukrainians pour into Russia as 'humanitarian crisis' looms, Seriously, what? Kerry tells Russia 'you don't invade a country on completely phony pretexts', Thousands rally against 'illegitimate govt', raise Russian flags in eastern Ukraine (1 Mar), Russian senators vote to use stabilizing military forces on Ukrainian territory, Putin: Russian citizens, troops threatened in Ukraine, need armed forces' protection,, Ukrainian Navy flagship takes Russia's side – report, Ukraine nationalist leader calls on 'most wanted' terrorist Umarov 'to act against Russia', Ukraine's Donetsk calls for referendum, votes to restore Russian's official status, Up to 143,000 Ukrainians requested asylum in Russia in two weeks, Radical forces destabilising Ukraine must be stopped – Russia's UN envoy, 'Russian forces in Ukraine could be a stabilizing factor in a country with no legitimate govt', By Paul Craig Roberts: Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Declare that Power Comes Out of the Barrels of their Guns (26 Feb), On Global Research: The U.S. has Installed a Neo-Nazi Government in Ukraine (2 Mar 2014), Ukraine Transition Government: Neo-Nazis in Control of Armed Forces, National Security, Economy, Justice and Education, Ukraine: The Lies Of Empire and the Smokescreen Of Democracy, The Geopolitical History of Ukraine (1 Mar), Military Movements: Ukraine alleges Russian "Invasion" of Crimea as Obama warns of "Costs" (1/3/2014), Ukraine and the "Politics of Anti-Semitism": The West Upholds Neo-Nazi Repression of Ukraine's Jewish Community (26 Feb), The Road to Moscow Goes Through Kiev: A Coup d'Etat That Threatens Russia (25 Mar), Democracy Murdered By Protest: Ukraine Falls To Intrigue and Violence (24 Feb).
The Syrian Girl provides her insightful perspective on events in Ukraine and Venezuela in an embedded broadcast.

President Putin has acted to protect Russia's strategic interests on the Crimean peninsula in the Black Sea. Citizens of the Crimea and the eastern mainland region of Ukraine including the cities of Kharkov and Donetsk have repudiated the new government and are openly protesting against it in the streets. The Crimean regional parliament has refused to accept the legitimacy of the local government appointed by the mainland putschists.

To learn the truth about the Ukraine it is necessary to read genuinely alternative news sources including Russia Today, The Voice of Russia, The Voice of Russia, The Moscow Times, PressTV, Global Research and related video and audio resources.

The broader historical context

However, even the reporting by these alternative newsmedia is not altogether without flaws and shortcomings. Very little on the web1 seems to properly account for the deeper historical context from which the current conflict has emerged:

After the devastation of the Russian Civil War, the government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) encouraged a national renaissance in literature and the arts. However this was reversed by the dictator Josef Stalin, who succeeded Lenin3 in 1924. According to Wikipedia, Stalin murdered 681,692 Ukrainians in the 1920s and 1930s and he deliberately imposed famine upon Ukraine in which up to 10 million died. Consequently, it should hardly be unexpected that in 1941 some Ukrainians erroneously saw the Nazi invaders, who planned to starve 25 million Ukrainians2 and other Eastern Europeans untermenschen in order to create lebensraum for Germany, as liberators.

Links to such resources and, where appropriate, additional commentary, will be provided on these pages as events unfold. The first is Interview with Graham Phillips, Ukraine -based British journalist of 18 May 2014


1. An exception, is John Simkin's historical web-site Spartacus Educational.

2. 25 Million is the figure given in Max Hastings' All Hell Let Loose: The World at War 1939-1945 (2011).

3. Whilst it has become "accepted wisdom" that Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the former Soviet Union (aka USSR) was a brutal dictator, this is contrary to the historical evidence. Wherever free and open discussion is allowed and evidence to the contrary is presented, as it was on the forum discussion web-site of Australian academic John Quiggin on 27 April 2012, those who uphold such lies will be either silent when the contrary evidence is presented, or else lose the argument.