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Latin America: No light at the end of the tunnel

Previously published 20/5/16 on PravdaReport.

Dilma Roussef, President of Brazil

A serious political crisis has paralyzed Brazil. Argentina has changed its president. Venezuela is standing on the brink of violent clashes and a military coup. In Peru, Alberto Fujimori's heiress is coming to power. Why do progressive left-wing parties lose ground in Latin America rapidly?

Of course, Nicolas Maduro's remarks about the external factor - the support of the opposition for the United States - are partially true. No external factor can shake up an economically stable and prosperous country. You may say, dear reader, that there is no such country in the world at the moment, as we all still feel the effects of the global financial crisis. This is true, too. However, there are countries in Latin America that have been developing steadily, even if they change governments. It goes about such countries as Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Uruguay. What is the matter then? The matter is about the very basis of everything - economy.

Includes: Left-wing forces lost their wings for being thoughtless, Transnational corporations modify Latin America

War and Economic Terrorism: Diverging Voices. David Cameron vs. Cristina Fernandez

5 Oct 2014, by Colin Todhunter. Republished from Global Research.

See also on Global Research: US Vice-President Joe Biden Blames Washington's Middle East Allies for Financing ISIS (5/10/14) by Patrick Hennigsen, Obama's Plan For a 'No-Fly Zone' Over Northeastern Syria – ISIS Was a Window-Dressing for the Real War Against the (3/10/14) by 21st Century Wire, The Islamic State Opens Its First Consulate in Turkey's Capital. Issuing Visas to Foreign Fighters (2/10/14) by PressTV, War on ISIS and Media Lies: The Comic Book Simplicity Of Propaganda (1/10/14) by Media Lens.

"... those who form the ISIS ... were previously regarded as freedom fighters who fought in Syria against the Government of Al Assad ... the great powers change too easily the concept of friend-enemy or of terrorist-non-terrorist." – President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in her recent speech to the UN General Assembly.

‘Big Soy’ production in Argentina is dirty and dangerous

The world’s reliance on soy to feed factory farmed animals is having a devastating impact in Argentina.
RAW: Raw Truth of Factory farming and the destruction of lands and lives in Argentina

Factory farming is one of the biggest causes of animal cruelty on the planet. But it’s arguably one of the biggest causes of harm to us and the natural world too.

It’s why Compassion in World Farming created the Raw campaign – to expose this raw truth.

Their investigation tracks this harm from the factory farm to the soy fields of Argentina.

Weep Argentina! Local government treatment of strays needs international condemnation

Canadian Voice for Animals-Argentina report that an official culture in Argentina that refuses to spay strays or help the poor spay domestic pets has resulted in a huge population of strays. The local authorities appear to be quite depraved in their treatment of these animals. Canadian Voice For Animals - Argentina is trying to focus international attention on the crisis of management and unspeakable cruelty because the mainstream press is not doing so. Please sign the petition and tell everyone you know about this unspeakable shame.

Will Rudd Government's high immigration program turn Australia into Argentina?

Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine shows how the application by a murderous military dictatorship of neo-liberal economic policies in the 1970's and 1980's transformed Argentina from being amongst the advanced nations of the world into an impoverished Third World nation. However, this may have only been the last nail in the coffin. Was the principle underlying cause Argentina's sustained programme of immigration, not from the Third World, but from Europe?

See also: The Case Against Immigration (pdf 1.4M) by Roy Beck,, The rich get richer whilst the Australian middle-class is out-sourced of 9 Jul 08, Online Opinion forum Greens lose the plot on population issues of 11 Jun 08, Larvatus Prodeo discussion Will “the great immigration debate” take place? of 21 May 08. The cost of multiculturalism of 1992.

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