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neoliberal economics

War and Economic Terrorism: Diverging Voices. David Cameron vs. Cristina Fernandez

5 Oct 2014, by Colin Todhunter. Republished from Global Research.

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"... those who form the ISIS ... were previously regarded as freedom fighters who fought in Syria against the Government of Al Assad ... the great powers change too easily the concept of friend-enemy or of terrorist-non-terrorist." – President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in her recent speech to the UN General Assembly.

Neoliberalism, libertarianism and thought control processes - article by Sally Pepper

There’s a sinister contradiction in the philosophy and pervasiveness of neoliberalism. The contradiction is that neoliberalism uses the concept of freedom, something we all love and value highly, to sell its message. That message is about the freedom of goods, services and wealth, to go wherever they like, chasing their own best interests, finding their own level and the best deal, with as few impediments and disincentives as possible.
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