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Walk to save St Kilda Rd trees and parklands Sunday 30 July 2017

Save the date: Sunday 30 July 2017. Walk in St Kilda Road and Environs for National Tree Day. Walk in St Kilda Road grand boulevard on Sunday 30 July 2017 or join an information walk in St Kilda Road and Environs. There will be information meeting points along St Kilda Road, from opposite Victoria Barracks down to near the intersection of Toorak Road and St Kilda Road, manned at least from 1.00pm to 4.00pm., and planners, engineers, politicians, arborists, heritage consultants and others will be invited and available for information and discussion on St Kilda Road and Environs. Video inside explains what is at stake.

Taksim Square, threatened by property developers, occupied by Turkish protesters

Report of 2 Jun 2013 is republished from PressTV. Like Melbourne's Royal Park, Taksim Square is one of Istanbul's few remaining public spaces. It is also threatened with destruction to suit the selfish needs of developers who wish to erect high-rise residential towers. See also: OccupyGezi! OWS activists stage pro-Turkish rally in New York of 1 June in Russia Today, OWS activists in US rally in solidarity with Turkish protesters of 1 June in PressTV.

Thousands of anti-government protesters have reoccupied Istanbul's iconic Taksim Square despite heavy-handed police crackdown.

Thousands of people returned to Taksim Square on Sunday following two days of violent demonstrations that saw almost 1,000 people arrested.

SEITA Bulldozers imminent on Westerfield Bushland Sth Frankston - Picket-line plans up to Victorian Elections

Click to go to New article 1 October 2010. 16 September - URGENT REINFORCEMENTS REQUIRED - See inside! 15 September 2010: New plans - more troops needed; Photos by Jill Quirk added on 21 July. Leader Newspaper 2 August coverage of Protest March to Alistair Harkness's office, Frankston This will make you angry. In the first project to come under the notorious "Major Transport Facilitation Act," bulldozers move in to nationally significant heritage Westerfield before the Heritage Council Decision comes out. Picket line ongoing, since 5 July. Contacts for the picket site: S Walsh Mobile: 0405 380 312 Also Gillian Collins Pines Protectors 0414 309 960 and Jim Kerin Defenders of the South East Green Wedge Mobile 0409 501 764. Original notice was from Julianne Bell, Secretary, Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc.
PO Box 197, Parkville 3052, Mobile: 0408022408

Public Funeral for Local Democracy in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia

Williamstown people would be delighted if you could join them for this special occasion. They suggest you bring your own placards and banners
so that the media can see that all across Melbourne city coast and country we are all fed up with this loss of democracy and are coming together to show that we are united in our opposition to our lack of ability to say what happens to our own neighbourhoods.

Save Williamstown requests help, Saturday 10th at 1pm (Victoria)

The Minister, Justin Madden, has already rezoned the Former Port Phillip Woollen Mill site residential, preventing any mixed use which could have benefited the community and protected the shipyards. Hobsons Bay Council has been excluded from the rezoning decision and was not informed until minutes before the Minister's press release on 26th March. The rezone was on the request of the developer, Nelson Place Village Pty Ltd with no reference to our council or the community or the industrial stakeholders.

A tale of two buildings ... Lucas fails Queenslanders

The Queensland Government has threatened to fine the owners of the heritage listed "Keating House" $75,000 for allowing it to fall into disrepair, yet when large parts of historic Yungaba House, the responsibility of the Queensland Government itself, have been condemned as unsafe due to its own negligience, the problem was 'solved' by selling it off to a Singapore-based developer to be turned into a gated community, against heated community objections.

What you can do: attend Virtual Inaugural meeting of Immigrants' Memorial Association to be held 19 Oct 08.
What has been done: Protest at Community Cabinet at 12:45PM on Sunday 14 Sep at Belmont State School, Old Cleveland Road, Carindale to protest Minister Paul Lucas's decision to disallow the appeal.

Yungaba Action Group continues fight to save historic hostel

The Yungaba Action Group is resisting the plans by the Queensland Government and the Brisbane CIty Council to allow to the historic Yungaba migrant hostel to be turned by the Singapore owned Australand into a private gated residential complex. (Originally published on this site on 15 Jun 08.)

Coming up: Fund-raising river cruise stopping at Yungaba on August 23rd.
What you can do: Nominate Yungaba as a site worth retaining.

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