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Dogged researchers show dingoes keep feral cats in check

Dingoes play a key role in the conservation of Australian outback ecosystems by suppressing feral cat populations, a UNSW Sydney study has found. A UNSW Sydney study has ended an argument about whether or not dingoes have an effect on feral cat populations in the outback, finding that the wild dogs do indeed keep the wild cat numbers down.

Road death of a cat who was a great friend to baby kangaroos

Brett Clifton sent these photographs of the late, much lamented "Bim-Bim", a siamese cat who was a great friend to baby kangaroos in Brett's care. This is also partly a response to a comment from a person who posted to this site this morning that she had just lost her great friend, Bessie, a dog, to roadkill. We have all shared such sadness for our friends from other species.

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