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economic nationalism

Time to end Australia's dependence upon Chinese, Japanese and US corporations

Australia should take advantage of the financial crisis to re-establish a proper industrial base as well as to relocalise our economy.

Ausbuy buys into population debate

The Australian Companies Institute (Ausbuy) is a not-for-profit, non-political organisation that encourages Australians to support Australian owned and made products and services. The organisation also aims to create awareness about the sell-off of Australian icons and brands to overseas interests.

Renewable energy - show me the money..

A map of the earth's sunniest locations reveals that Australia is truly a sunburnt country, with plenty of solar energy to spare.
But despite this natural advantage and some cutting edge research being done by researchers at the University of NSW, the investment that could establish Australia’s ‘solar energy empire’ is sadly lacking.
In the words of Professor Julius Sumner-Miller.. why is it so?

Cate Molloy repudiates Keating over Australian nationalism

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating was totally wrong in his recent media comments condemning nationalism. A strong dose of nationalism is precisely what this country needs and has always needed. It is economic nationalism that urges Australians to buy Australian, to protect Australian farmers, workers, jobs and businesses. Nationalism prevents the sell-off of our true
icons such as Telstra and Qantas.

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