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Cate Molloy repudiates Keating over Australian nationalism

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating was totally wrong in his recent media comments condemning nationalism. A strong dose of nationalism is precisely what this country needs and has always needed. It is economic nationalism that urges Australians to buy Australian, to protect Australian farmers, workers, jobs and businesses. Nationalism prevents the sell-off of our true
icons such as Telstra and Qantas.

Cate Molloy: Traveston chosen because "the people in the valley were all Nationals"

Media Release: Cate Molloy reveals truth about Beattie's dam decision

6th February 2007

The Southern Cross Federal Independent Candidate for Wide Bay, Cate Molloy, today revealed what she claimed is the truth about Beattie's decision to build a dam at Traveston on the Mary River.

"Beattie's decision to put the dam at Traveston was purely political, and the public need to know this when debating other options," she said.

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