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Solar panels in France and elsewhere: comparing techology uptake, prices, policies and subsidies

This story is based on a report on France2 television news about growth in public and private stock of photovoltaic panels in France, payments by Electricite de France (EDF)for contributions to the electricity grid, tax rebates available, income from providing electricity to the grid and prospect of funding retirement through this for farmers and others with roof and other space. The bottom part of the article contains comments about the situation of rebates etc in other countries. Readers are asked to add comments about their own experiences. We can build up an international policy data base here.

Renewable energy - show me the money..

A map of the earth's sunniest locations reveals that Australia is truly a sunburnt country, with plenty of solar energy to spare.
But despite this natural advantage and some cutting edge research being done by researchers at the University of NSW, the investment that could establish Australia’s ‘solar energy empire’ is sadly lacking.
In the words of Professor Julius Sumner-Miller.. why is it so?

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