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Gold Coast

Gold Coast, Australia

Community challenges growth at Gold Coast Labor Conference

A rally to protest about the costs of growth to the community and the invasion of housing and infrastructure into high biodiversity areas of South East Queensland will take place outside the Labor Party Conference at the Convention Centre on the Gold Coast this Saturday, 21st June at 10:30am.

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Gold Coast's new Council urged to reconsider growth targets

A Gold Coast planning seminar unanimously called for Gold Coast’s new Council to pull back on plans to accommodate an additional 150,000 homes over the next 20 years …

Seaweek - Sea World and Seagrass Watching

High School students to monitor threatened marine species in seagrass off Queensland's Gold Coast during Seaweek from 2nd March through 8th March.

Save the Gold Coast's seagrasses!

The health of the Gold Coast's seagrass, vital for dugongs and turtles, is under constant threat from both natural and human impacts

Gold Coast Spit Open Space again under threat with training centre

The "growth at all costs" Queensland Beattie Government just can't leave alone The Spit, the last remaining undeveloped shoreland on the Gold Coast.

Having been forced, by a concerted community campaign of opposition, to abandon its plans to build a passenger ship terminal and luxury residential appartments on the land in 2006, it now intends to build a maritime training facility. The Gold Coast Environment Council believes that this may be only the thin end of the wedge.


Gold Coast residents still don't know how their suburbs will grow

Residents of Mudgeeraba and Reedy Creek still don't know how their suburbs will grow following a public meeting on the Gold Coast's Local Growth Management Strategy held in Mudgeeraba last week.

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