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Gold Coast and Hinterland Environment Council

South East Queensland Plan Review rushed, reckless and will ruin environment

Ann Bligh's needlessly early and needlessly sudden election has disrupted the already rushed consultation for the draft South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031. The Gold Coast & Hinterland Environmental Council (, together with the Redland City Council have asked that the consultation period be extended by eight weeks so that the issues of peak oil, climate change and South East Queensland's carrying capacity can be properly addressed.

Gold Coast's new Council urged to reconsider growth targets

A Gold Coast planning seminar unanimously called for Gold Coast’s new Council to pull back on plans to accommodate an additional 150,000 homes over the next 20 years …

Gold Coast celebrates World Wetlands Day at Elanora Wetlands Bushland Restoration

Gold Coast residents are invited to assist with the restoration of the wetlands at Elanora to mark World Wetlands Day, Saturday, 2nd February.

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