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World Wildlife Fund

Brown Mountain update on court case and fundraising activities

[Video inside article] The recent Auditor General's Report on the incompetence of the Victorian Government's wildlife statistics collection and maintenance mean that the Victorian government could not logically have the authority to make decisions about sustainable forestry where local fauna habitat is affected, in the opinion of this writer and environmental sociologist. It seems to me that Environment East Gippsland has clearly won its case in advance. But we have to get the information out there so that it cannot be ignored. See also: Damning Auditor General Report on Fauna protection for Victoria

Can the impact of rampant population growth be overcome by individual ecological lifestyle choice?

Tim Murray of Immigration Watch Canada asks of what overall benefit are personal lifestyle choices made to lessen our individual impact on the environment, when the good achieved is far less than the harm done by the population growth actively encouraged by our governments.

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