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Professor Steve Garlick

Can an Injured Kangaroo with Compound Fractures be Rehabilitated?

Read this most amazing - albeit short - account of the latest success of wildlife carers Professor Steve Garlick and his wife Dr Rosemary Garlick, and their protocol. Perhaps wildlife carers may be inspired to learn from these carers, instead of putting such a badly injured kangaroo in the 'too hard' basket and euthanasing?

The Animal Justice Party – a party with a difference

They have no policies on economic growth, education, economic reform, taxes, workers, health, jobs, senior Australians, immigration, asylum seekers, Aboriginal affairs, globalisation or Australian businesses. Their clients are the animals we share our society with. They are the farm animals, wildlife, pets and working animals.

Policy coming soon on the environment, and one needed on population.

'The Lucky Ones' - entered into the Voiceless Writing Prize 2012

One of the finalists in the 2012 Voiceless Writing prize from Professor Steve Garlick is a poignant true story expressing intimate moments between humans and our native kangaroo. The story gives extraordinary insights that enrich our understanding of animals who are too often ignored and give us cause for hope when treated with respect and compassion. While the story is not included in the final Voiceless Anthology we think it is of significant merit to include it here in its entirety. You can read Voiceless' top ten stories at ...... it's only $1.81. Let us know what YOU think.

Can Injured Adult Kangaroos be Successfully Rehabilitated and Released?

Wildlife carers always advocate 'euthanasia' for adult kangaroos on the grounds that they cannot be rehabilitated. Since kangaroos suffer and die from stress myopathy, containing them in an area and exposing them to humans (arch enemy of kangaroos) is cruel and prolongs their suffering - it is argued.

Meet two wildlife carers who disagree and whose experience is contrary to the generally accepted opinion.

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