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Tony Boys

Japan seeking stable-sized population

A panel in Japan has proposed the government take measures to halt the country's population slide so it goes no lower than 100 million people. At present Japan's population is likely to fall to about 87 million by 2060. This new proposal probably reflects outside interference by globalists, who are pushing for cheap imported labour. We should take into account that Japan's population numbers were stable until international trade and 'development' pushed them up by reorganising the population away from largely rural and small cities to massive land-less labour sources in huge cities. The Japanese are a very big tribe and have managed to regain control over their numbers. This push for immigration will once again destabilise them. Japan can only feed itself by importing food and energy. Already the national atomic power production system has shown itself to be hugely unstable and dangerous. This should be taken as a signal that Japan needs to go with its natural trends to return to a smaller, stable population. Reference: Anthony Boys, How will Japan feed itself without fossil energy? in Sheila Newman, (Ed) The Final Energy Crisis, 2nd Edition, Pluto Press, 2008.

New Nuke-talk forum canvasses inevitability of nuclear and population growth in Australia

An article in the Australian, "Nuclear reactor by 2022, uranium body says," by Josh Jerga, June 8, 2011, in the Age argues for a nuclear Australia based on business as usual trends implying continuing with projected population growth. These avoidable trends are implicitly used to justify pushing for nuclear power. For a long time nuclear power advocates have been getting away with this sloppy stuff. We need to specifically counter it.
Japanese resident, Tony Boys, has started a forum to give people a place to evaluate and discuss the arguments for and against nuclear in Australia at Nuke-Talk Forum FORUM NOW CLOSED, SORRY! But you can use Tony Boys' Rolling Update on Fukushima disaster on this site for a forum, and be read widely.

Reactor 2 in partial meltdown- French News 27 March 2011

"The only certainty is that the situation has not improved; it has got much worse." (French commentators on France2, 27 March 2011)

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