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Japan nuclear disaster 2011

Miscellaneous comments from 5 May 2012

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Parents of 14 Children Initiate Legal Proceedings for Mass Evacuation of Schools in Koriyama City, Fukushima Pref.

The nuclear disaster at Fukushima No.1 Power Station has contaminated a large area of Fukushima Prefecture, especially to the west and northwest of the disaster site. Some areas have been evacuated, but Japan's Ministry of Education has set schoolchild radiation standards at an abnormally high level in order to try to keep the population in place. Parents, however, have reacted explosively to the ministry's directives and a court case is about to begin...Updated - Chris Busby to visit Japan July 17-21 - Schedule here

Disasters, disinformation, capitalist totalitarianism and the Population Growth Lobby

Big capitalism and the population growth lobby force people to live in dangerously risky conditions which by tradition they used to avoid. Only by returning power to the citizens via local and regional governments can we stop the population growth and the constant increase in accidents, corruption and diminished quality of life. To return power to local citizens, we need better laws to stop media ownership residing in so very few hands and being allowed to be the default 'information' conduite for government and the principle means of publicising candidates for election.

Photo files for a comment on Tony Boy's rolling updates to Japan's nuclear disaster

This space does not contain an article. It only contains photo files for a comment on Tony Boy's rolling updates to Japan's nuclear disaster

Reactor 2 in partial meltdown- French News 27 March 2011

"The only certainty is that the situation has not improved; it has got much worse." (French commentators on France2, 27 March 2011)

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