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American Regime: 10 reasons why America is now a "Regime"

We are constantly seeing and hearing our American media use the word "Regime" these days. So exactly what is a "Regime"? Apparently it is whatever you want it to be.

Whenever Wall Street and/or War Street want to vilify a country that disagrees with their policies of occupation and exploitation, they always begin their vilification program by calling that country's form of government a "Regime".

The Middle East: Best soap-opera wannabe ev-ah! editor: Must Read! This is a brilliant and hilarious satire. Humour with a sting: Several people have asked me recently why I always seem to be writing about the Middle East. "Why don't you ever write about anything else?"

Of course I write about other stuff -- but the Middle East is so much more interesting and entertaining than anything else! The Middle East is definitely more interesting, entertaining and even weirder than any soap opera, reality show or action flick that Hollywood could ever produce. Fascinating stuff.

I'm always amazed that so few other Americans aren't just totally fascinated by the Middle East too. Or even that there isn't at least one daytime soap opera devoted solely to the subject -- if for no other reason than that the Middle East has some of the greatest villains of all time!

Take America, for instance. Our very own Wall Street and War Street are currently starring as top-billing major actors in the Middle East, playing in prime-time roles -- as the biggest villains in the script so far too. America practically invented ISIS, for goodness sakes! You can't get more villainous than that.

Video: "The information war for Ukraine" - Satirical German program "Die Anstalt" (Eng Subs)

Video inside. Satire about double standards in international law and democracy, fake evidence, such as Ukraine 'proving' a Russian invasion, and Ukrainian media stories faking looting of a toy and a wedding ring. Relevant to Australia where all these wrongs have been promoted by our press, our primeminster and our minister for foreign affairs. This skit appeared in a regular program on mainstream German TV, amazingly. Can't imagine any real political criticism in Australian mainstream comedy these days.

Sustainable happiness in a post-apocalyptic world is yours for the asking

Johnny and Joanie were once the typical post-apocalyptic Stone Age couple. Each day was a tribulation. Minding the kids, fending off predators and raiders from adjacent tribes, hell, just putting food on the table were stressful enough. The versatile Tim Murray reaches out to new-agers everywhere in this article about personal adjustment in a time of advanced oil-depletion.

Anti-Growth Activists Are Too Negative

The future is much brighter than you think. Your problem is that you lack faith, faith in a Higher Power---your local Planning Department. What we have here, you see, is a failure to communicate. It is time Malthusians drop the histrionics and listened to reason. If they took the time to actually get down on their knees and in total humility surrendered themselves to the Great Planning Authority in heaven they could hear His voice and be happily be resigned to their pre-ordained role as subordinate agents of His will. The GPA knows best. Before Him, there was no city. And then behold, He created it and overnight it was a sprawling megalopolis. Face it, when you lived in a quiet, stable environment, you were lonely. The Creator at City Hall realized that domesticated animals alone could not suffice as adequate company. He knew that you needed six million other humans to jam into the area and take your mind off yourself. And He was right. You hardly have time to think now that you are so busy scrambling to pay for your housing costs. So let urban planners be your guide and your rock.

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