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The Real Reason why Gulf Oil spill continues?

So many questions! Why is BP using toxic dispersants when there are non-toxic solutions that have been proven to work effectively in other oil spills? Why has Obama been so casual in intervening in this disaster? Why have the Feds not allowed the states to take control of their cleanup? Why did Goldman Sachs buy Nalco? The answer? Follow the money!

Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak - Potential to Devastate our Oceans?

In 2003 I had a nightmare in which I saw an evil entity killing everything in the ocean. His intent was to destroy all life there. I awoke and sat bolt upright, covered in sweat, palpitating, shaking. Seven years later this premonition is coming true. The Gulf oil spill could be the most serious threat to our planet's survival right now! If our oceans die we are finished....

Oil and Ocean Don't Mix

(Photo: Climate Ark)
U.S. oil addiction is killing American and global ecology. An international wake-up call must be delivered to both the administration and Congress, to focus more effort upon reducing the demand for oil. The risks and costs of offshore oil exploration far outweigh their benefits, and the U.S. would be better off focusing upon promoting alternative energy sources.

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