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Taiji: Japan's new bizarre and grizzly marine “mammal park”

In a cruel twist of irony, the Japanese town Taiji, made infamous by Oscar-winning documentary, The Cove, will open as a marine mammal park.  In response to the outrage caused by the film, the Japanese government will re invent the town of Taiji, to give the thin facade of respectability as a marine “nature reserve”.

Australia's "Bush Capital" kangaroo slaughter, where's the science?

Parks and Conservation Service Manager Daniel Iglesias says up to 3427 kangaroos will be "culled" in the ACT.  It's simply a matter of thinning out some of those nuisance and feral kangaroos to allow genuine natural ecosystems and native species to flourish, and of course a government department will want to be seen protecting endangered flora and fauna!  It appears to be based on sound science, but is it?

Australia's Native Massacres - neocolonial genocide

The 2008 Belconnen Massacre - lest we forget

We are reminded of the brutal Belconnen massacre of 500 kangaroos yesterday two years ago on 19th May 2008, followed shortly afterwards with another 4000 or so kangaroos massacred at the Majura Army training area.

These wildlife massacres reflect a prevaling backward colonial attitude by our government towards native animals. Native animals were regarded as vermin by early colonists. This attitude prevails.

Today's 21st century official slaughter of Australian native animals is no different to the official slaughter of Australian native people by European colonists, who treated Aboriginal people as vermin.

Why are bullets preferred over translocations of kangaroos?

The kangaroo habitat in Mill Park/South Morang was, not surprisingly, earmarked for development, and there was no “suitable habitat” left in Victoria for translocation!
Over 21 kangaroos were shot by shooters, employed by the DSE. Is it reasonable to keep comparing studies on possums, tiger snakes, rock wallabies to eastern grey kangaroos?
(photo: courtesy of Wildlife Victoria)
On what scientific basis, or body of experience, do our official “experts” conclude that a mass slaughter of kangaroos is more humane than translocation?

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