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Narcissistic Technophilia

If we are to survive, we must give up two core beliefs. One is the belief that we are qualified to be wise planetary stewards, and the other is that there will always be technological solutions to the problems that were created by previous technological solutions.

Neocolonists: The Dangers of Narcissism

Columnist Elizabeth Farrelly in her Fairfax article ‘Critter cullers turn our lives into roadkill’ (2-Jul-09) acknowledges New Zealand’s introduced possum problem, but like many Kiwi’s with an Australian chip on their shoulder, she is quick to deride anything Australian. It's bad enough Australians slaughtering Australian wildlife, but for recent immigrants to have a go at what is natively Australian is beyond tolerance. Out of Australia’s dark white colonial past, colonial antagonism towards its indigenous people and its native fauna and flora has been typically incited by smug prejudiced colonists.

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