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The population debate: do you want 'a big Australia'??

Please visit: - to see videos and reports on the subject. This particular blog is simply to serve as a 'Public Awareness' medium; I have contributed to the online forum provided at the above website, which membership & comments may already be closed, however there are other options for 'having your say' provided, once Registration for same, has been completed. (my handle) agentofchange: 29 Jan 2010 9:46:33pm A sustainable future - for Australia - is what the taxpayers of this Country now demand. One of the debaters tonight spoke of a Global - rather than an Australian-Continent as a concern - implying that we taxpayers & parents of burgeoning generations are selfish ... for wanting some value for money! (as taxpayers and contributers to THIS country) 'Monitored' population growth here - right now! Why would ANYONE want to produce MORE children (sorry for shouting - no option for italics or bold font for emphasis) - with NO Guarantees of a decent future? My two sons have decided NOT to marry and have children - 'too dodgy' (meaning the future .. and all THAT implies) His good friend from school days has married - but has decided NOT to have children ... These 'kids' KNOW something.... LISTEN UP! This is what the 'FUTURE' says: (and they are going to be paying those precious taxes!) * Not enough water planning * Houses too expensive & jobs not secure or do not pay enough to support a family's needs * Too much job competition * Just can't save enough for a deposit and interest rates are 'dodgy'. * We can't plan a future - they keep moving the goal posts too often * We don't want OUR kids to have to put up with ever worsening conditions in Australia.. we don't want to subject them to that - its sad - but things are just too risky - we don't seem to have any rights - in our own Country - Governments keep letting more people in and everyone is becoming worse off. ... We ALSO have an under class here in Australia... they are poor, unable to get decent homes to live in let alone a good education and a job to support it all. We may become a facsimile of ourselves... we may become a Nation of 'Swaggies'... Australia.. ON THE MOVE... CONTSTANTLY .... because we have no sustainable land, disappearing water and what remains available - may be unaffordable. (comment from) dick smith: 29 Jan 2010 8:21:07pm Interesting, there was no discussion on the fact that we can not always have growth in a finite world. Everyone appeared to believe that we just have to accept a population of tens of millions more. We are a democracy and can decide whether we want to keep increasing population or not. agentofchange: 29 Jan 2010 10:15:33pm Sadly, Dick - we WERE a Democracy - nobody's listening to us now, though. I would've thought that if the majority of 'hurting' Ordinary Australians (with high interest rated - mortgages) couldn't make a dent - that the rest of us have got Buckly's! Increasing the population hasn't made things in general more affordable - and an increased population certainly hasn't made things more sustainable (in terms of land/water/ecology/pollution - concerns) So ... Dick - where's that Democracy you mentioned? WE vote - but THEY have a MANDATE ... or should I have said... an Agenda?