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Dr Geoff Mosley speaks at SPA VicTas AGM Saturday 2pm Balwyn Library

Jill Quirk (President Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) Victorian and Tasmanian Branches, and National Representative) will host Dr Geoff Mosley to speak at the AGM, this Saturday, 7/7/2012, at 2PM. Dr Mosley was Executive Director of the Australian Conservation Foundation from 1973 to 1986 and is currently the Australian Director of the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy. Given the raging population growth and six new suburbs bearing down upon our Green Wedges, SPA Victoria's AGM is of great importance to Victorians.

Sustainable Population Australia (Victorian and Tasmanian branch) Annual General Meeting

On- Saturday July 7th at 2.00p.m.
At -Balwyn Library Meeting Room, 336, Whitehorse Road, Balwyn, Victoria.

There will be an election of office bearers for 2012-13- at the meeting. Financial members are invited to nominate for any of the following positions- president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, or committee member (5 positions)

Guest Speaker, Dr Geoff Mosley

Following formal business our Guest Speaker, DR GEOFF MOSLEY, will reflect on his 60 years of involvement with conservation, the lessons learned, and the way ahead.

John Geoffrey "Geoff" Mosley (born 14 September 1931) was Executive Director of the Australian Conservation Foundation from 1973 to 1986 and has had a lifelong interest in preserving wilderness. His contributions were acknowledged in 2005 when he was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia in the Queen's Birthday Honours. In June, 2008 he was named as the Individual Award winner in the Australia World Environment Day 2008 Awards. In 2008 he also became the Australian Director of the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy.

“Westerfield” –destroyed in 2010 for the construction of the Frankston By-pass in 2010.

Venue details: 336 Whitehorse Rd
Balwyn VIC 3103, Australia
Tram number:109
Melway ref. 46E8

Contact: Jill Quirk- 0409742927 jillq[AT] or vic[AT]

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This was a fantastic talk by Dr Geoff Mosely. I hope that someone will put up a transcription or an mp3 of it. He gave a history of his lifetime (he is around 80 years old), wartime self-sufficiency, then his role in and hindsight on the [lack of progress] of the conservation movement after it looked as if it was going to be very successful in the 1970s.

His conclusions need to be published widely.

Apart from that, he was so tall and straight and sharp at 80, that he was a living advertisement for a life spent in activism and conservation.

Thank you , Clarke.

Please be assured that the full text of Dr Geoff Mosley's speech and the mp3 sound recording will be made available soon on candobetter. Others, who attended that meeting, are most welcome to continue the discussion, which began at that meeting, on the page where the article is to be published and elsewhere on candobetter (including here).

I also attended the Annual General Meeting of the Victorian branch of Sustainable Population Australia (SPA).

I also learned a great deal of the history of the Australian conservation movement from the middle of the 20th century from Geoff Mosley's speech.

I have considered myself a conservationist at least since my early teen years when I holidayed in 1974 with my family at Binna Burra at the northern border of the Lamington National Park in South East Queensland. In 1977 I joined the Campaign Against Nuclear Power (CANP) in Queensland and the Campaign Against Nuclear Energy (CANE) in South Australia the following year.

In spite of decades of environmental and other political activism on my part, there is a great deal about the proud history of the Australian Conservation Movement of which I was not aware. In part, my lack of knowledge was due to the setbacks suffered by Australian democracy at the end of the 20th century which began in 1975 with the downfall of the Whitlam Labor Government (which Geoff Mosley covered) and continued with the (mis)rule of Fraser, Hawke, Keating, Howard and Rudd. The corruption at the top of Australia has clearly spread downwards through many supposedly left political parties and grass-roots organisations including much of the conservation movement during these years. I had formed the impression that it had been always thus. Fortunately, Geoff Mosley put me right on this, yesterday.

My congratulations to Victorian SPA President Jill Quirk and the Victorian SPA Committee for having organised the meeting. Although attendance was good, had the newsmedia given this meeting, with the quality of the featured speaker, the publicity it deserved attendence would have been far higher.

Let's hope that the forthcoming visit from American Peak Oil specialist Richard Heinberg scheduled for September is given the public it deserves so that more Victorians, who care about our future, can attend.

We apologise for the serial mispelling of Geoff Mosley's name in the above article, which then apparently led comment writers to misspell it as well. We have fixed the spelling so that the 'e' comes after the 'l'.