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Jonathon Porritt

Mainstream 'Environment' groups still fudge population matters

"Which environmental NGOs are willing to say anything about population? The simple answer is: ‘Not many, and not much’ - and even those who are, only when pressed and with extreme caution," writes UK population author, Jonathan Porritt. Inside read the report on survey responses and find links to more detail.

Reproductive liberty and ecological meltdown - response to Melanie Phillips article

No Melanie, the 'humanitarian' vision is better served by promoting sensible policies that promote the need for population stabilisation and reduction before it is too late. Governments increasingly intervene in people’s lives to direct behaviour in many ways – with laws, speed cameras, taxes and sanctions. What is more fundamental than preserving the future of our planet? See also Melanie Phillips takes the offensive for large families where no offense was offered

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