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Marcus Papadopoulos

BBC Interview: British MPs dangerously deluded, uninformed, biased on Syria and Russia

Dr Marcus Papadopoulos was interviewed by BBC News about 'russophobia' in Britain and policy in Syria . Speaking very clearly, Papadopoulos gives a history of British resentment of Russia, dating from the Crimea and thinks that Britain is acting in part out of a feeling of being left-out in the region. Islamist terrorists in Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria are the only ones benefiting from this British ignorance and bias. It should be remembered that those Islamic terrorists that the west is backing, pose a huge threat to the people of Britain. The US-led coalition in Syria is not acting legally.

Nulandistan Video of Crosstalk show on international politics in Ukraine is rivetting and informative

"Nulandistan" is the title of Crosstalk's most recent interview program on current politics in Ukraine, which we link to here. The name Nulandistan, of course plays on the name of Victoria Nuland, US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs and her encouragement of the Kiev junta.[1]

Crosstalk interviews a panel of political scientists, Vladimir Suchan, Marcus Papadopoulos and Patrick Henningsen about what on earth a US led NATO thinks it is doing in Ukraine, why it is ignoring Putin's peace offerings, and how dangerous things are getting here. Rivetting and enlightening show. Video inside.

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