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Mother Agnes Mariam ON the Cross; denigration and denial of the Syrian reality

See also: George Galloway Talks to Syrian Nun, Mother Agnes of 30 Nov 2013. Includes embedded video from Russia Today Sputnik YouTube broadcast channel. Video is also embedded here on candobetter.
People all over the world have been shocked to discover that Mother Agnes Mariam, heroine to many women and men all over the world and peace activist on the ground in Syria, withdrew from speaking at a UK peace conference because two British supposedly 'left-wing' male speakers and journalists - Jeremy Scahill and Owen Jones - threatened to withdraw from speaking if she spoke. Neither speaker has given any substantive explanation for their objections to Mother Agnes, but it seems that both have succumbed to propaganda that the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad is brutal and that Agnes Mariam supports the government. This treatment of Mother Agnes Mariam is tragically bizarre, when she has eclipsed professional peace negotiators in so many spheres at once: In her physical bravery in rescuing thousands of people in the war-torn region; as a nun-pacifist woman-leader in the male-dominated politics of church and war; and as a local peace-activist in an internationalised field of jihadists. The article below seeks to highlight just some of these injustices. See links at the end of this article, under "Notes," including a filmed interview with Mother Agnes Mariam done by Susan Dirgham of AMRIS in Australia July 2013.

Easter 2013 years later in Australia

My first conscious half hour today, Good Friday 2013, was occupied by a radio program where people rang in to talk about what fish they planned to celebrate with today.

Islam, Revolutions and Economic Liberalism

Here is a very topical, historical account by E.J. Hobsbawm of the rise of Islam in the so-called undeveloped world which occurred in reaction to the disruption caused by economic liberalism and colonialism. People who are curious to understand why there is still apparent opposition between Western “democracy” and capitalism and Islam, might find it interesting.

New website urges Australians to Keep Religion Out of Politics

A new website - - has been designed as a resource for interested Australians in the lead up to the next Australian Census being held on 9 August 2011. It gives people information about how the results of this question can be misused to allocate funds, overstate the number of actively religious people in Australia, and exaggerate the importance of religion in modern Australia.

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