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Australia's growing underclass plus comment from Jim Saleam

Back on May 17th, 2010 I wrote an article on CanDoBetter entitled 'Australia's growing underclass'. The article came out of my personal exposure to months of abject unemployment forcing me, out of respect for my family, to humbly to walk into CentreLink. To my disgust, since I was not in absolute starvation-poverty CentreLink rejected my claim for temporary unemployment benefits. Only thanks to my broader family we didn't come close to losing our house. This article also contains a very interesting response from Dr Jim Saleam of the Australia First party about accusations of a Nazi past.

Can the Australia First Party help fix the plight of ordinary Australians?

This article, which includes a statement of 10 January 2011 from the Provisional Management Committee of the Australia First Party, has been published, although not as a front page article, after an anonymous contributor submitted it as a comment. As The Australia First Party seems not to have its own usable web site, it was published here but not as a front page article. Of course it would have been more appropriate for it to have been published on an Australia First Web site and linked to from here. The article also includes comments on the Australia First Party and other Australian political organisations.

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