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societal response

Another Community Event in Brave New Australia

Has the nature of politics changed over the last few decades into a struggle of the people against the government? How much of our leisure time is now related to environmental struggles, signified by volunteer-manned stalls displaying educational material? Why do local and state government logos now figure in our community events? How much of our leisure-time and our attention has been taken over by ubiquitous commercialised, organised activities for children and adults? No answers in this article , just observations and questions... on a community event, somewhere, which could almost have been anywhere in Australia.

Is the human race running a fever?

Governments have stolen the word 'sustainability' and made it mean 'economic business as usual'. More objective definition of sustainable, however, suggests that our vast populations and range of economic activities cannot last for long. And the economic signs aren't good either.

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How will Oz handle the ecosystem predicaments?

There are a number of predicaments surfacing as the result of civilization's misuse of what has been available from the ecosystem. The list of emerging ecological and societal predicaments is quite formidable. Over population, climate change and peak oil are not the only ones. How will Oz society respond to these challenges?

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