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Ratepayers should resist costly Gympie asset sell-off and development

GYMPIE Regional Council plans to sell off industrial land at Tin Can Bay, Monkland and a home at Kilkivan to raise revenue because council income from ratepayers only funds a $40m budget. Apparently the Council has already committed itself to spend $115m. Surely only a council of half-wits would not have foreseen the need to cut expenditure with the global financial crash and the parlous condition of the state budget? Friends of Rainbow Beach say that, far from saving the ratepayers money, the council's plans to sell off assets will cost residents of Gympie Region even more.

A national emergency? - you bet it is, partner

Last night's Four Corners report revealed staggering ignorance and/or greed at the heart of the Murray-Darling crisis: in politicians and water-users alike.

Will industrial society's collapse follow Wall Street collapse?

Jan Lundberg, former oil industry analyst, predicts that a total collapse of industrial society will follow the current meltdown of the U.S. financial markets.

Original article published as Collapse of Wall Street precedes complete disintegration of system. About those "green jobs"... on 16 Sep 08 on Culture Change.

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How will Oz handle the ecosystem predicaments?

There are a number of predicaments surfacing as the result of civilization's misuse of what has been available from the ecosystem. The list of emerging ecological and societal predicaments is quite formidable. Over population, climate change and peak oil are not the only ones. How will Oz society respond to these challenges?

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