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JFK assassination

JFK after 50 years

Republished from article of same name of 12 Nov 2013 by Professor James Galbraith on Global Research. This article is vastly better than their previous article, The Diem Coup After 50 Years — John F. Kennedy and South Vietnam, 1963 1 of 1 Nov 2013. Contrary to the impression that that article may give many readers, the late Vietnamese General Vo Nguyen Giap, who recently died at the age of 103, well understood that JFK intended to end the Vietnam War.

I never met President Kennedy although I have a letter from him, on my ninth birthday in 1961, expressing hope that I might grow up to be as good a Democrat as my father "but possibly of a more convenient size." On the day he was shot I was at school. I remember above all Mother's gray face, and the small clumps of men gathered on the Cambridge sidewalks, talking quietly as we drove home.
See also: JFK Biography - Episode 2 on SBS, a surprisingly good and factual account of Kennedy's life unlike the abysmal The Smoking Gun, also on SBS.

Kennedy, the lobby and the bomb

President John F. Kennedy, Arabist and renowned for his support for Algerian Independence struggle
President Johnson, who colluded with Israel in its unsuccessful attempt to sink the USS Liberty and blame Egypt
Editorial Introduction: This article, by Laurent Guyénot, first published on Voltaire Net on 2 May 2013, covers critically important historical events which commenced with John F. Kennedy's Presidency (1961-1963) and ended with the 6 Day War of 1967. On 8 June 1967, the fourth day of the Six Day War, even though the United States was an ally of Israel, Israeli warplanes bombed the intelligence ship, the USS Liberty in the Mediterranean Sea and began strafing sailors in the water in an attempt to ensure that there were no survivors. The clear intention was to blame the sinking of the USS Liberty on Egypt and use that as a pretext for the United States to join Israel in its war against Egypt and other Arab nations.
The sinking of the USS Liberty was intended to be a classic false flag terrorist attack like 9/11 and in the mould of the Operation Northwoods proposal which had been put to former President Kennedy in March 1962 and rejected. However, the presence of witnesses on a nearby Soviet warship prevented the Israeli warplanes from finishing their work and foiled Israel's plan to attribute this crime to Egypt. This was done with the active collusion of U.S. President Johnson, who subsequently attempted unsuccessfully to cover it up. A war on a much larger scale -- potentially even an all out nuclear war -- was thus prevented. The criminality of the current President Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry, who was recently caught out lying about Syria, has more than one chilling precedent 17 in the actions of President Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ).
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