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Help save West Australian black cockatoo from extinction

This is is a call for help.
The University of Western Australia wants to bulldoze rare bushland in the middle of our city for future property development. The Minister for the Environment David Templeman is soon to make his decision on whether 60% of this pristine 36 hectare bushland will be destroyed to make way for offices and housing.

David Templeman's contact details are:
The Hon. David Templeman MLA
Minister for the Environment,
Climate Change, Peel
29th Floor
St. George's Terrace
PERTH 6000

email: david-templeman[at]

Please open the website

Once in there have a look at the site and click on UWA link.
Watch the videos and then click on the link to protest, on each vision or just one.
Make your comments known to the ministers and send it off.
Remember the ministers have not made their decisions yet so be nice.
We need all your help.
click for video

Glen Dewhurst of Black Cockatoo Conservation team

These are lovely, intelligent, sociable and long-lived animals. To lose them would be tragic - and the situation already is tragic. (Ed.)


While we bemoan the invasive and threatening behaviours of cane toads and other feral animals destroying native animals and our pristine environment, it is humans that are the worst species! We are supposed to be intelligent and aware of what we are doing! Taking away the habitat of endangered animals is nothing less that predation and extermination! If economic growth depends on continual human population numbers, where does that leave us as a supposedly "green" nation? Our biodiversity is NOT a service, but an ecological system. If we keep wiping out species that are part of the system, and we all depend on the ecology, then it is the way of destruction and no life can survive. Even for people not concerned about Black Cockatoos, and of course they exist, they still have an ethical duty to acknowledge that this land, Australia, is occupied by non-indigenous people and natives should be protected and not made extinct or redundant. Rampant human growth is destroying so much of our land, and even native animals get called "pests" when it is human and their livestock that cause the main environmental problems. The Black Cockatoos need to stay!

Subject: RE: Saving Underwood Avenue bushland
Clearly government engineered population growth is causing species extinctions.
It seems completely ridiculous but the West Australian Environment Protection Authority has actually recommended that UWA's proposal to destroy the Underwood Avenue bushland for housing be approved.

What people should be asking now is that Minister Templeman uphold appeals against the EPA's recommendation and that he direct that all the bushland be protected.

We need all the help we can get to save Underwood Avenue bushland, which is vital cockatoo habitat.

And it would be a help if departments actually lived up to their names. I think that the WAEP should be renamed more suitably. If it cannot protect black cockatoos, what use is it?

Population growth in this country needs to STOP.

Sheila Newman, population sociologist
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From: Gillian Collins
To: david-templeman[AT]
Cc: Sheila Newman ; Maryland Wilson
Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2008 6:54 AM
Subject: Black Cockatoo

Dear Minister Templeman;

I understand that The University of Western Australia wants to bulldoze rare bushland in the middle of your city for future property development.

The first time I ever saw a Black Cockatoo on Wilson's Promontory here in Victoria, I was overwhelmed by their beauty. All of our children and grandchildren deserve to know that feeling, whether they live in town or country. We need to learn to design our cities to live with wild things, not to destroy them.

We in Australia need some heroes in our struggle to support our native flora and fauna in every State. Will you please be that hero and enact legislation to prevent this senseless destruction?

Gillian Collins
(Victoria - other details withheld from internet)

Wow, what guts! Who would have thought that an Australian state premier would dare to disobey the growth lobby?

On his first day in power after a thumping election victory, Mr McGowan wrote to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to request WA be removed from the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS).

Then in June, the WA Skilled Migration Occupation List was slashed from 178 to just 18 occupations, the least in Australia.

Coupled with a Federal Government crackdown on 457 visas, they have made it much more difficult for foreigners to find work and apply for permanent residency in Perth. Read more here: