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Expansion of Abbot Point coal loader will cover Barrier Reef with silt and add to global warming

Expansion at Abbot Point coal terminal can proceed following the Environment Minister's approval of the dredging project. There are some "strict" conditions on when and how much can be dredged. There is "protection" for flora and fauna.

Whitsunday Islands, only 105km South-East of Abbot Point
The unspoilt beauty of Barrier Reef Coral
The Abbot Point coal terminal

Three million tonnes of dredge spoil will be dumped offshore. He has also approved of the LNG facility on Curtis Island. This is supposed to reignite our resource industries. Conservation groups are angry that Mr Greg Hunt has approved these developments


Coral covered in silt from dredging
Editorial comment: I am not sure how this critical issue was missed at We were most alarmed alarmed to learn of this some months ago and had every intention of blowing the whistle as long and hard to try to stop these criminal plans. Somehow, other events caught our attention and we nelected to post any stories about this.


Community campaigns against the expansion of Abbot Point

Mainstream media reports about Abbot Point

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