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New GAIC V55 laws from hell need massive opposition from Victorian public - Mary Drost

The Minister for Planning has approved and is now seeking parliamentary ratification of Amendment VC55. Subject to Parliament’s approval of the Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution legislation it will then come into operation.
25 May is the date on which the government will probably try to bring this bad law (Amendment VC55) in. Mary Drost of Planning Backlash has called these proposed laws, "diabolical".

Planning Minister now seeking ratification for these bad laws

The Minister for Planning has approved and is now seeking parliamentary ratification of Amendment VC55. Subject to Parliament’s approval of the Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution legislation it will then come into operation.
Amendment VC55

Crucial information about diabolical proposed laws which would change your life and Melbourne forever

If this legislation goes through, it will change Melbourne forever. It will, furthermore, certainly change your life and there will be nothing you can do about it.

This proposed legislation is many times more radical than Melb 2030 - it is diabolical.

Open it up and especially open up "Explanation"
also "Clause 12".

"Explanation" is endless detail about the expansion of the Urban Growth Boundary and all the acquisition of land for transport.

"Clause 12". spells out the cramming in of more buildings into existing Melbourne. The detail includes Rob Adams proposal of building high density along the tram routes, as well as adding yet more "Activity Centres" and connecting them all up.

The contents or intent of the clause is quite fiendish and assumes we will keep adding people to Melbourne as fast as Brumby can attract them to come.

Timeline for passage of proposed legislation

(Probably the 25th May - in the afternoon)


It looks as though GAIC will be passed. The Coalition has decided that it is a better deal for the fringe landowners to go with the amendments they were able to get through this Labor dominated committee. These amendments mean that there will be no tax on about 90% of the land when sold, i.e. land under 10 hectares . On land bigger than that, tax will be paid by the purchaser in stages: 30% to start and the balance on subdivision.

The Coalition have committed that if they take over government in November they will change it so that nothing is paid until subdivision and paid by the developers. They feel this is better than refusing the Bill outright because if Labor retain government they are then committed to this instead of reverting to what Labor really want which is the seller pays the tax on point of sale.

I know I would love to urge them to vote "No," but they appear to be convinced that they are doing the best for the landowners with this system. It is important, however, to get them to VOTE NO to VC55. Without VC55 there will be no GAIC anyway because no extension to the UGB.

Greg Barber of the Greens has suggested that a committee be formed about VC55. This would at least have the effect of delaying this legislation until the election. If it were delayed until the election, the electorate would be in a position of more power and should then try to dissuade the opposition from giving this legislation any support in any form


"Believe me this is a very tricky issue and you need to be Solomon to find the right way to handle it. There are so many details and so many opinions. For better or worse this is my considered opinion after hours of discussion and agonising over details. Plenty of you will have different ideas, but I think we can all agree that the whole thing should be delayed and in time things will become clearer."

Adapted from information provided by Mary Drost, of Planning Backlash.
Thank you Mary.


The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal has ruled in favour of a major development of Camberwell Station, because it "meets the demands of state planning policies".
The development comprises a nine-storey building, a three-storey building and a public plaza and 118 units.
The VCAT panel has found the proposal strikes the right balance between creating a more sustainable urban form for metropolitan Melbourne, increasing housing density in activity centres close to transport, and meeting the desire of the local community to respect the historic and cultural character of the area.
Celebrities such as Barry Humphries have objected, and so has Mary Drost's Boroondara Residents Action Group.
Ms Drost said residents, who have spent more than six years fighting the application, would consider picketing the development. Planning Institute Australia, Victorian president David Vorchheimer said building above railway lines would become more common.
Pity that these developments don't need to meet the requirements of the public, the ratepayers and tax-payers. The only way we can stop is through our votes!
PLANNING BACKLASH is a network of more than 140 Resident Action
Groups right across Melbourne Metropolitan area, along the coast and into
the country, all very concerned about the effect the Government’s flawed
Planning Policy known as Melbourne 2030 is having on the liveability of
their areas. They believe that the Government has -
"an erroneous belief that they can keep overloading the infrastructure with yet more people. It is also understood that the Government see increase of population as the way to keep the economy strong as most manufacturing has gone offshore and all we make now is buildings".
Thus people need to be imported to live here and help create profits for developers and investors.

Wake Up! The Australian Labor Party recognises immigrant rights over locals. Recall colonialism did this to Aborigines. Neocolonialism is extending the philosophy to accommodate what Labor conceives as a new wave of workers to boost economic data, so locals can move aside.

Federal Labor's propaganda labels it 'securing our future', 'building a 21st century economy', 'delivering fairness', 'securing an inclusive future for all Australians', 'strengthening Australia in a changing world'.

Victorian Labor propaganda labels it 'A Fairer Victoria'...'helping those clichéd 'working families', 'growing the western suburbs'... by evangelistic 'urban renewal' and a shit load of houses.

As for Melbourne's eastern suburbs, Labor plans "to make sure Melbourne remains one of the most liveable cities in the world."

Get with it Liberal Camberwell. Camberwell's heritage pedestrian scale rail station needs to be bulldozed to make the precinct look like Southbank on a Hong Kong vision. This is where you get the 9-storey building, 3-storey building and a public plaza and 118 units.

Accommodating immigrant demand in then name of progress.
How dare locals criticise, else be dismissed as racist.
Camberwell's historic and cultural character of the area may be offensive to immigrants. By having such a strong local heritage may not newcomers feel welcome.

Opposing progress just stifles growth and the economy.

Camberwell' - Brumby's new centre for high rise for progressive new Australians and their multicultural richness!
Invite the change! Share the diversity!
You may have more congestion, less room, more shops whose signs are in foreign languages, but greater 'urban renewal' and greater choice of restaurant cuisine.