Save the Bali Nine

Save the lives of Scott Rush and the Bali Nine!

Australian citizen Scott Rush citizen and eight other Australian citizens, are now on death row in Kerobokan Prison in Bali for having been caught with illegal drugs in their possession by the Indonesian police.   They were allowed to travel to Indonesia by the Australian Federal Police who had tipped off the Indonesian police about the fact that they had drugs in their possession.   They did this and allowed the group who were to become known as "The Bali Nine" to commence their flight to Bali knowing that they stood a risk of having death sentences imposed should they be caught in Indonesia and in spite of the fact that Australia officially opposed to the death penalty.   We can only hope to save the lives of Scott and the rest of the "Bali Nine" if we loudly and persistently make our objections to the death penalty and, in particular, the use of the death penalty against Australian citizens, known to the Indonesian and Australian Governments.   If you would like to help, please visit Australians Against Capital Punishment at or visit Scott Rush's web site at (note 'scottarush' and not 'scottrush').