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Your support for clemency bid needed to save Schapelle's life

Schapelle Corby's physical and mental health continue to deteriorate to the point where family and close friends expect that she will be coming home in a coffin. Some journalists who should know better,1 imply that Schapelle, with the collusion of her psychiatrist Associate Professor Jonathon Phillips, may be faking it, I have gained the firm impression from talking to close family friend as well as from the information included below, that she is not and that she may never recover mentally from her ordeal, even if she lives.

Schapelle is almost certainly innocent as has been shown elsewhere. However, Schapelle's supporters are now simply asking that our Government act without delay to prevent tragedy. We include below a html adaptation of a PDF flyer, which is being distributed by supporters of Schapelle Corby.

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SENTENCED - the punishment far outweighs the crime.
On the 27th May 2005, Schapelle Corby was sentenced to 20 years in a squalid, violent and disease ridden third world prison, where the average life expectancy is only 10 years.

HOSPITALISED - suffering stress induced starvation. In June 2008, weighing just 43 kilograms, Schapelle was admitted to hospital suffering from severe depression and stress induced starvation. She had lost all hope of ever being released. 19 days later, just before her 31st birthday, she was returned, heavily sedated, to her tiny, sweltering, and over- crowded cell, with its rats, feral cats and human waste that routinely overflows across the cell floor. She remains heavily medicated to this day. It is the only way she can cope with the agony of her imprisonment, which many believe to be wrongful.

HOSPITALISED - unable to walk or talk.
In May 2009, Schapelle was again admitted to hospital, unable to walk, talk or even wash herself. She appeared retarded and tears would stream down her face, even when she was not crying. 12 days later, despite her shocking condition, she was returned to prison on the advice of doctors within the hospital, none of whom had ever examined her.

Schapelle has, on at least two occasions, slashed herself severely with broken glass on her legs, arms and face. She frequently makes reference to suicide and death during the course of her bizarre conversations.

PSYCHIATRIST - says she is insane!
In August 2009, Eminent Australian Psychiatrist, Professor Jonathan Phillips, examined Schapelle. In his own words
"Schapelle Corby has a severe treatment resistant psychotic illness. She can now be said to have become insane.... She has no hope, her treatment is inadequate and cannot work in the current environment. She is condemned to a private hell which is hard to contemplate and which will probably end in death."


The current Australian Government is the only institution with the power to negotiate Schapelle Corby's release from Kerobokan Prison. Yet they do nothing, claiming that the only way to bring Schapelle home is via a Prisoner Transfer Agreement (PTA), which does not exist and is years away from completion. Schapelle will not survive that long. Additionally, they refuse to acknowledge that Schapelle has a deteriorating mental illness, despite having received Professor Phillips' report, and are ignoring the Corby family's pleas to negotiate Schapelle's release on humanitarian grounds.

Will Schapelle come home a free woman, or dead in a box? The answer to this question now lies with us, the citizens of Australia and the rest of the World.

We Must Shame The Rudd Government Into Action!!

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1. See "Schapelle Corby not the only Aussie languishing in foreign jail" (printed version is "Schapelle not the only one") of 29 Aug 09 by Madonna King.

Against all the evidence that she could so easily check for herself, Madonna King pronounces her guilty of the crime:

Corby tried to take more than 4kg of marijuana into Bali in her boogie board bag in 2004. And she was caught, tried and found guilty.

That's why she is serving a 20-year jail sentence in Bali's Kerobokan jail, and a point lost in the debate about her freedom. Sure, she's very pretty. She's articulate. And she's been sentenced to a term that would never be delivered by an Australian court.

But that's what happens in other countries; you do the crime and you are expected to do the time.

She goes on to imply that Associate Professor Jonathon Phillips may have helped Schapelle fake her condition:

Both the psychiatrist and the Corby family now share the same public relations consultant, who refused to tell The Courier-Mail how much Phillips was paid to carry out the assessment.

But put that aside, surely this week's circus has hindered, not helped, Corby's case to be transferred home to Australia.

Surely, it would have been more prudent to provide the report to authorities in Australia and Indonesia before publicly grandstanding over it?

Corby's Indonesian jail doctor says he was not shown it and he disagrees with the report's analysis.

That has worked against Corby, who may indeed have been made mentally vulnerable by her incarceration.

But it's also worked against her cause, with questions being raised about whether or not it's a scam.

"Schapelle Corby: Insane or Faking It?", said one headline.

Perhaps it would be more prudent for King to have: 1. Spent the necessary 20 minutes at most to read even on the Wikipedia article the simple facts of the case which would have demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt to anyone with an alert mind that she must be innocent, and 2. pondered the possibility that the psychiatrists report could well be true.

The article attracted one very apt comment from a reader:

Even now, in this very article, you suggest that the report wasn't sent to the government before media referenced it, when it actually was, as you would have discovered if you had bothered to check some facts. Even now.... perhaps instead of glossing over the unique cruelty and injustice of this particular case, you ought to be scratching the surface. That is what journalists are supposed to do.

King's indifference to Schapelle's plight stands in marked contast to her style as a presenter on Brisbane local ABC radio's Morning Program, where she often gives many the impression of being almost uniquely passionate against cruelty and injustice.

Note: a comment was posted by 'Rudi' in response to this footnote. It has been turned into an article "A selective capacity for human compassion?" of 24 Feb 10,


But of course lets all forget about the other Australians in overseas prisons who's physical and mental health continues to deteriorate?

But then again if she is really innocent, then where is the evidence, as all we seen are claims she is evidence no actually evidence?

Editorial comment: I suggest you read the article and read the articles on the web site linked to from here. If you know of any evidence of Schapelle's guilt that would convince an attentive and diligent Australian jury and not the Indonesian judge, please let us know. Also. please feel welcome to post to or to here, any holes you find in the case of Schapelle's supporters.

Our legal system is based on the assumption that people are free of guilt until proved guilty. The evidence to charge Schapelle was conveniently destroyed by the prosecutors in this case. No DNA evidence was able to be recorded from the drugs. The conviction was on hear-say. The Marijuana could easily have been "planted" as a warning to tourists, a cruel example of what can happen to drug pushers and importers. Schapelle could easily be a scapegoat. Even if she was guilty, her punishment doesn't fit the crime. Murderers and rapists and violent criminals in Australia usually don't get 20 years imprisonment! She is a living example of police and border security "success".