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Mulgrave 14 Nov 2015: Free Reengineering Local Government Seminar - Ratepayers Vic Inc & Eastern Ratepayers Inc event

Venue: Mulgrave Country Club, Saturday 14 November, 9.30am to 4pm. Join us and other ratepayer leaders to discuss about common core issues and how the LG Act and other associated laws, and the roles of ratepayer groups can be changed to fix today’s broken LG system for the better. The seminar will include free light lunch and feature inspirational speakers.

Rate Capping: The Perfect Storm for Change

Ratepayers Victoria Incorporated (RVI) is pleased to know that the legacy culling and bludgeoning of ratepayers to pay excessive council rate increases is about to end. In Victoria, rates have increased to about 80% over the last ten years, almost double NSW's 42%. "On the 14 November, RVI is hosting a ratepayer seminar (themed Reengineering Local Government) in Mulgrave, Monash. During this seminar, RVI will reveal its reform strategy, potential partners and aim to recruit project teams. For the very first time, ratepayers can stop being the silenced and frustrated stakeholder. They can and will become the new high value adding and agile solution partners in the new and reformed local government system. Change has started. There is no way back now." Jack Davis, President.

Is the Peninsula's 2011­-12 Rates & Charges Rise Victoria's Worst?

Mornington Peninsula Ratepayer's and Residents' Association says that Mornington Peninsula shire has earned the disgraceful reputation of being the worst financial performing council in Victoria in 2011-­12, that its liveability statement is spin, and that they can't understand why the Council ignored the call by many in the community to advertise for a CEO who can control rate increases.

Vote for democracy in Victoria - start with this resident-group-candidate list for local government

Victoria: Recent success challenging the Councils gag-bill must be followed up by replacing as many of the current councillors as possible who have not otherwise shown their merit. Here is Planning Backlash's list of recommended candidates and links to other lists:

This page will be updated as new election info comes in.
*Just in* Mornington Peninsula Council: Peter Holloway, Kangerong Ward

See also: "East Ward: Is Morabito The Missing Man?" of 16 Nov 08 - the Macedon Ranges Residents Association warns voters of one candidate's undeclared links with the sham residents' association, the MRRS, "Undermining local democracy: Macedon Ranges: Pork Barelling and other forms of Influence" of 17 Jul 08

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