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Britain's mass immigration problem

Good coverage of Pro- Brexit on these shows

People who have complained to me of poor coverage by the Australian media of the underlying reasons for Britain's exit from the EU will enjoy these shows. They report on various aspects, including the possibility of preventing the privatisation of British hospitals and mining, the ability to try to end Britain's live transport of domestic animals for thousands of kms, the ability to stop fracking, the desirability of a decrease in house prices, the reasons why people outside the big cities voted against the EU, and mass immigration in an economy where unemployment is already high and numbers are an issue.

UK: A parade of ignorance and evasion in the immigration debate

Migration has enriched many societies, but David Cameron’s long awaited speech addressing widespread public concern about current immigration levels shows how far our leaders need to travel before next year’s election.

He and the Government are well aware of mounting pressures on housing, schools, health services and the environment and the way this has boosted UKIP’s vote, but don’t like to talk about it. So too, they should be aware of the Parliamentary committee report in 2008 that the large rise in overall immigration to the UK had virtually no net economic gain for the country. The coalition claims it is taking action but still fails to grasp critical issues.

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