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Ban whaling vessels from using our ports

One would assume that an organisation entitled the 'Australia Strategic Policy Institute' would be a government body or a body at least having Australia's strategic interests at heart.

But its director, Dr Anthony Bergin, with a title one would assume would be capable of research, has written an article for Fairfax media supporting Japan's strategic interests.

If our doctor were respectful of the democratic rights to protest we have in Australia and recognised the Japanese incursion in Australia's whale sanctuary in the Southern Ocean, and respected the existence rights of whales, then perhaps his article for Fairfax would have instead read like this...

Twilight Samurai pride clinging to a right to pillage distant whales in foreign oceans

Japan's dogged pursuit of whales well beyond its shores in our Southern Ocean is more about preserving endangered cultural pride than science.

Japan's justifications for whaling are not commercial nor scientific, despite the official rhetoric. They are culturally deep and desperately self-preserving, despite being wrong, wasteful and backward.

Japanese whaler rams and sinks anti-whaling vessel in Antartic

(Click for Film)
A Japanese whaler, Shonan Maru 2, which Sea Shepherd's anti-whaling vessel, the Ady Gil, was trying to intercept in Australian Antartic waters rammed and sunk the Ady Gil on 5 January 2009. All humans survived.

Why is Rudd government mute on whaling?

After one year, no legal action has been taken, and a whale ambassador has not been appointed as promised. Nothing concrete has been planned, not even a customs vessel to monitor the whalers’ illegal presence! Diplomacy and legal action have achieved nothing.

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