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Georgeism (often also referred to as 'Geoism'), named after its founder Henry George, holds that the cause of most modern society's problems are due to the monopolisation of land, which allows a privileged few to achieve massive unearned wealth at the expense of the many who do not own land, or if they do, who only their own dwelling.

This critical issue has, in practice, been overlooked by just about every other purportedly progressive political philosophy.


Anarchism – escaping the dialectic juggernaut of Left and Right

A late 20th century post-leftist school of anarchist thought identified and rejected the contrived ethic and dependency for work as a perversion inculcated to support the industrial process as well as the banking and speculative parasites that feed upon the torrents of essentially pointless activity.

Anarchy comes from the Greek word anarchia meaning no ruler. In modern terms it means having no Government or State controlling social affairs. More broadly, and I think more accurately, it means being without authoritarian and/or coercive social control – public or private.

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