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Aged pension

"Pensioners reject forced reverse mortgages" - Pensioners & Superannuants Assoc (CPSA)

Monday, 27 April 2015

“The suggestion by the Centre for Independent Studies[1] that the family home should be included in the pension asset test and be reverse mortgaged for an income stream would cost pensioners dearly,” said Manager, Research and Advocacy, Amelia Christie.

“Forcing pensioners to take out reverse mortgages in order to put food on the table is both heartless and poor policy – the only winners would be the banks.

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How can we justifiably expect older people to keep working until 70, especially bearing the stresses of physical/manual work? Those without the obligatory hundreds of thousands of dollars in superannuation stored away, likely will be those who are forced to work to 70, and then claim unemployment benefits.

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