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Odessa Massacre

Australian press actively covering up Kiev-Odessa war-crime?

Despite clear evidence available to any internet user as eye-witness film of pro-Kiev radical junta supporters (called the 'Kiev Government' by western press) setting Odessa’s Trade Union headquarters ablaze after they had blocked the exit, and beating up people who managed to get out, and shooting at the people from the anti-government tent camp who barricaded themselves inside the building, most Western mainstream media is pretending they do not know what actually happened in this Western-backed atrocity. Are they counting on our misplaced respect for mainstream media authority to make us close our eyes? [Candobetter editor's note: Thank you to an alert reader who pointed out the artist's careless mistake in mistaking the Swedish flag for the Ukraine flag, in the illustration. This has been rectified.]

Video: Odessa Massacre - See full reporting instead of ABC/SBS censored versions

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Video inside: I am absolutely sickened by Australian, US and other pro-NATO reports of what is going on in Ukraine. Friday 2 May 2014, right-wing Kiev junta supporters set fire to the Odessa Trade Union building, then lay in wait, 'like wolves' to beat up anyone who escaped. Day after day footage has been available for anyone who wants to see what is really going on, from ordinary people, unarmed, trying to stop tanks with their bodies. They are filming with mobile phones as they struggle, trying to show the world that they are peacefully protesting, yet pro-NATO media hardly show this. I hereby include a link to the Russian media reporting on the Odessa massacre today. If a third world war begins in this region, I think it is 'our' side that will be to blame. First in line for blame will be Australian, US and similar careerist reporters who shamelessly comply with news-doctoring the information that Australians and other NATO-aligned countries receive about Odessa and the surrounding region, which includes Syria. formed largely to attempt to provide a voice for those whose voice is dismissed by the commercial and government media in Australia and elsewhere.

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