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Major Transport Projects Bill

Fix Public Transport Now campaign at your local railway station

Flyers will be handed out at various public transport venues tomorrow. It is suggested that you use their template to write to your local member and State ministers. They are protesting the Inner Melbourne Toll Road proposition and the neglect of public transport.

New Major Transport Projects Bill one scary item

There is an Orwellian new Bill on the brink of being passed in Victoria's Parliament. (Debate 27 June) The Bill justifies reducing public rights to consultation and objection by narrowing the scope of consultation, by reducing the scope of information given to the public in respect of revocation of reserves of public land and compulsory acquisition of land, public and private. It allows enormous discretion on the part of the Minister with regard to what information and consultation he allows, even with local government bodies. The really Orwellian part of the Bill is the circular justification of these reductions in citizens' civil rights on so-called grounds of 'efficiency' and 'time saving'. In this case 'cutting red tape' means 'cutting out democracy'.

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