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Orrong Towers: Democracy dismissed by Melbourne Supreme Court today

Today we heard the outcome of the Orrong Towers development case where Stonnington council went to the Supreme Court to try to have residents' and citizens' opinions heeded in planning what happens in their immediate environment. The Court completely failed to recognise this fundamental right to self-government. Having been present at the first hearing, I cannot imagine how this was justified and await the ratio dicendi.

Supreme Court today for the Orrong Towers and the Relevance of Residents' Objections in VCAT

"An amazing start to the supreme court case. It was a packed courtroom with standing room only, more than 100 of you came to show resident opposition to VCAT saying that our objections don't count. The outcome of this hearing will affect us all. Barrister Stuart Morris presented the case for the council. It has been suggested that if this case goes against the people that people should write to the Attorney General demanding that VCAT be abolished and they set up a proper simple appeal body for planning issues. The hearing continues tomorrow, Wednesday, and the barrister Chris Canavan will be speaking for the developer. If you have time do go to hear what he has to say for the developer. " (Mary Drost of Planning Backlash).

Stop Press! Tomorrow! [Venue Change] Supreme court challenge to VCAT's say-so that resident opposition irrelevant to planning

NOTE! Venue changed to Court 2, Ground Floor, Old High Court, 450 Little Bourke Street. LAST MINUTE REMINDER ABOUT THE SUPREME COURT APPEAL - TUESDAY 16 AND 17 APRIL 2013. This is about your fundamental property and citizenship rights - the very basis of democracy. Come and sit in the gallery.This involves the Orrong Group. The fact that this case has arisen is a consequence of commercially driven population growth in Victoria and Australia. The Supreme Court has changed the venue for the Hearing tomorrow, commencing at 10.30am.

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