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environment alert

Video: Help stop Adani from destroying the Great Barrier Reef

Environment Minister Greg Hunt has caved to the mining industry and approved Indian mining giant Adani's monstrous Carmichael Mine, threatnening the Great Barrier Reef. The coal mine will be the biggest in Australia. It will pollute our climate with massive CO2 emissions for decades. It will mean massive and continual dredging and dumping in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and will fill the Reef with thousands of coal ships every year. Original article and petition from GetUp. Note that, if you sign, GetUp puts you on two mailing lists, however the situation is serious and their campaign may be effective.

Wyndham Council dumps massive mountain of rubbish on residents

The residents of Wyndham are distressed as their council is building a mountain, literally a mountain of rubbish, from theirs and other councils and it smells. It is blocking their views and rising up on a flat horizon in a ghastly kind of monument to the folly of our consumer society and our overpopulation predicament. You are invited to show solidarity with Wyndham citizens at a meeting on Tuesday 9th April, at 7.30pm at Wyndham EcoLiving Centre, 28 Ridge Drive Wyndham Vale, (Mel.205, A5).

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