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French law on fracking

What happens when people stand in the way of big oil

Canadian indigenous protest fracking at Rexton, New Brunswick. It is distressing to see the powerlessness of these citizens. How frightened they are, aware that they are too unhealthy and disempowered to fight for their rights. Canada is becoming one scary place. Because of consumer culture, overpopulation and the growth lobby, democracy is going to disappear. What will happen to these peoples' water? It's not only Indians who don't have rights to stop fracking in Canada; it's anyone.

Fracking democracy - Gaslands- the movie, the industry and national responses

France is about to debate a law to totally ban fracking for gas. Australia has allowed the practice with problems quickly developing. Mexico has no defenses. The United States is deeply affected. "Fracking" was developed by Halliburton, the second largest oilfield services corporation in the world. The term comes from the extraction method of hydraulic fracturing of shale beds to access "unconventional gas" i.e. gas that comes out of wells other than classic oil-wells. Under President Bush, the fracking industry was exempted from environmental laws, including clean water protection. As many of us have come to understand, when you take away environmental protection, you take away almost all human rights to object to big business, even if citizens lives are obviously threatened.

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