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Joe Toscano: Defend And Extend Public Housing - new Campaign

We encourage you to join us in a campaign which, if supported by you, has the potential to force the state government to abandon its plans to privatise the public housing sector. This campaign is being co-ordinated by Public Interests Before Corporate Interests (PIBCI and is endorsed by PIBCI, Friends of Public Housing – Victoria and the Wednesday Action Group. We expect many more organisations to endorse this campaign over the coming weeks. Let us know if you wish to endorse the Defend and Extend Public Housing campaign: Send mail to Defend and Extend Public Housing

Book review: Meta-Geopolitics of Outer Space by Nayef Al-Rodham

Here is a book by a philosopher and neuroscientist about how to keep Outer Space safe for everyone. "Dr. Al-Rodham hopes his book will spark new conversations about ways to increase the benefits of space for all countries, while expanding the working definition of "sustainability." Sustainability is no longer just about using recycled paper products or eating local organic produce grown by eco-conscious micro-farmers. It's also about thinking far beyond the Earth. And, stresses Dr. Al-Rodhan, these are issues that affect each and every one of us. "Ultimately," says Dr. Al-Rodhan, "space will either be safe for everyone or for no one." (And we could use a little more common-good planning on earth as well (Ed.

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