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A real Ecosocialist review of that cornucopian book, Too Many People

Alan Thornett, an ecosocialist, amazes positively in this thoughtful review of yet another pseudo-environmental book. Simon Butler and Ian Angus's Too Many People predictably attempts to stifle linking population numbers to ecological survival. (Simon Butler is co-editor of the Australian publication Green Left Weekly.) "Unfortunately it is the authors themselves who continue to draw false lessons from the past: i.e. that the left should leave this subject alone, keep out of the debates, and insist that there is nothing to discuss. The problem with this is that it is not just wrong but dangerous. If socialists have nothing to say about the population of the planet the field is left open to the reactionaries, and they will be very pleased to fill it. And one thing the authors are certainly right about is that there are plenty of such people out there with some very nasty solutions indeed." Even more surprisingly, this article was first published by a British Trotskyist organisation.

Trotsky's Biggest Blindspot

Leon Trotsky showed great insight on many issues but his biggest blind spot concerned ecological sustainability, now the greatest issue of our times. His thinking reflected the technological cornucopianism that bedevils the socialist tradition.

Contents: Trotsky as case study, On Ecology, The New God, Bringing the Earth to heel, Regress of nature, The Paradigm of Industrial Cornucopia, The God That Failed, Limits to growth, Overshoot, Flawed Fixes, Capitalism and the Causes of Ecological Crisis, Overpopulation, Trotsky on Technology, On Farming, Trotsky on Lifestyles, What was to be done?, Endnotes

The original 20 page pdf document by Sandy Irvine can be downloaded from This document can also be viewed as a html document as "The Prophet Misarmed: Trotsky, Ecology and Sustainability" at

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